Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Perdon-No time


No tengo tiempo para escribir…


I feel like Heavenly Father has been guiding us daily- He cares about every day of our lives. I have felt His love through prayer and scripture study and especially through serving others. I know He sent His son Jesus Christ to pay the price of redemption. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with all my heart! I want to live with them again - and I want everyone to be there with me! All of my family, friends, investigadores, etc. ¡TODOS! Moroni 10:32-34

Hermana Tingey

Pte. Arnold of the 70


¡Hola familia!

¿Cómo están todos? Gracias a Papá y Mamá por sus cartas siempre – y a todos ustedes por sus oraciones y amor.

I´m so happy that Dad´s back in London! What wonderful and exciting adventures – THANKS for the pictures!!! LOVED THEM!!! (Wow, WHO IS THE RED HEAD?!?!?! Wow has Jack grown up! And the BEAUTIFUL girl with bangs?! ABBY CAKES?!)

Presidente Mervyn B. Arnold from the first quorum of the seventy came and spoke to us this week! He is an inspired man of God!

Rendir Cuentas (Accountability in English)

He said that after being Presidente de Area en Brazil that he had to stand in front of the Quorum of the Twelve and account for his efforts for 40 minutes! I have been studying and learning about accountability – it´s so important! Pte. Arnold said, ¨If you don´t think accountability is important to Heavenly Father, you do not understand what is taught in the temple.¨

He told us that PLANNING makes all the difference. He said that a business man helped him and his wife plan out 18 pages of their life´s goals – and that he has completed ALL of them, except for 7 that were, ¨unnecessary (like having a helicopter). He said that at the age of 45 he retired and dedicated his life for the work of the Lord.

Pte. Arnold taught us so much - I will have to share all of my notes another day. I am so grateful for my Presidente de misión, too. He is also an inspired man of God!

This week we found a family – La Familia Saldivia. El papá, Ruben, is a gaucho! He works in the campo and has vacas (cows) and caballos (horses). La mamá, Paola, is a stay at home Mom with 5 children! The oldest two, Ruben and Ricardo, work with the horses. This family is humble, loving and very hardworking. When we walked in I looked around and saw that their house was empty – they have a table, few chairs, a stove, an old televisor and a salamandra to heat the house. I haven´t seen food in their house.

The other day we were teaching them and asked if we could pray. We all knelt down and I offered the prayer. I felt the Spirit so strongly – as they all were reverent and listened to the prayer. Families are meant to be forever! They need the gospel!

Ruben and Paola need to get married to get baptized, so we are working with the casamiento. I love this family! I pray fervently that they will be able to keep their commitments and get baptized together! The gospel would be such a huge blessing in their lives!

I´ve set a few goals and I´m smiling and enjoying every moment. I´m trying to talk to as many people as I can – I´m trying to finish with just as much honor as I started.

I am so very grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. This week I read in John 15, where Christ says, ¨There is no greater love than he who gives his life for his friends.... YOU are my friends.¨ I felt the Spirit testifying to me of the atonement; and that my deber as a full-time missionary is to give my life to my friends, these wonderful Argentine people. Christ lives!

¡Ánimo, adelante... a amar, servir y bautizar!

Hermana Tingey

The Spirit

Dearest family,


We fasted and prayed to find new investigadors this week. And we found 9 - 2 of which are familias incompletas. And these two children of God - Juan Moreno and Irma Gonzalez - want to get baptized!!!

We´ve been very blessed lately - we plan at night and verify our plans in the morning. Throughout the day we are trying to listen to the Spirit to know where to go and what to do. I used to think that the Spirit would testify to me in a loud or obvious manner. However, usually I just act - I just ¨do¨ and the Spirit guides me as a servant of the Lord. I knock/clap doors because I am looking for Heavenly Father´s children and exactly where we knocked was someone who needed spiritual help or guidance. Sometimes we visit less active members and just before they start to bicker with their husband or wife we knock the door or just when something tragic happened in their family las misioneras show up. It´s amazing how the Spirit works. As Elder Bednar says, we just need to be obedient and act - just be who we are (righteous children of God) and the Spirit will guide us. I know this to be true. Most of the miracles on my mission have been small miracles - tender mercies of the Lord. I am so grateful for every single one of them - because they all involve God´s children. I love these people with all of my heart!

Prayer List
Juan and Elena Moreno - that Juan will receive an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that our church is the only true church on the earth
Hermano y Irma Gonzalez - that they will get married SOON!
Mariela and Javier - that they will go to church
Familia Mato (Sandro, Susana and Mikaela) - that Sandro will stop smoking and he will love and respect his family
Romina Rojas - that her Father will let her go to church

¡Serviendo con todo mi corazon, alma, mente y fuerza...
ánimo, adelante... a bautizar!

Hermana Tingey

46 People at Church!



We were SOOO excited! I remember when we first got here - 16-17 people at church.... then 19 and we were excited! Then over the months we´ve been growing - 33, 30, 29... then 46!!!!

There are 5 active families now: Familia Wilt, Snidero, Molina, Jimenez, and Moreno (who are just barely coming back). As long as they keep coming and we have more familias menos activas and some of the other semi-active members come regularly, we can amplify the branch here!

Our vision is to have ¨Pringles Ward¨ by the end of 2012.
As soon as our inspired Presidente told us all to have a vision of our misión (ours is to have a temple announced in our mision by 2015), stake, zone, district and area, we have been having so many miracles!!! Having visiones and goals is so important! Presidente says that Lehi was a visionary man and was blessed for it. We too, must be visionary missionaries and we will be abundantly blessed.

As a mission, we are also preparing to have Presidente Arnold (of the Seventy) visit us next week. I am very nervous and excited - I have been praying and studying and anazlying my efforts in order to be prepared to recieve exactly the council I need as a missionary. I want to give my Lord, my Pringles, my companion, my Presidente, etc. EVERYTHING I am, so that I might leave the mission knowing that I served with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

I am in awe with the blessings we have recieved lately - I seriously can´t even FEEL anymore - it´s like I´m living in a dream. We had 15 new investigadores this week - a few were families!!! The family Mato went to church on Sunday!! They are evanglicals - I think they were expecting more shouting and praising the Lord through guitars and interpretacion of tongues, but in the end I think they liked the peace they felt. They have 5 adorable children - and are married!!! Then on Sunday we talked to a girl who´s married and another couple are are married. WOW!!! I never knew there were so many married people here in Pringles! I know the Law of Chastity is to bless our lives. I am so grateful to know that a marriage is not just until death, but when done through priesthood authority, a sealing is for eternity. Now, my goal is to help these people to the temple!

We have met many people who have had loved ones pass away - the plan of salvación is such a beautiful plan! I cry thinking that people don´t really know what happens to there loved ones. A little boy of 4 years passed away this week in Pringles and we´re teaching the boy´s uncle. His eyes were red and puffy as we spoke to him of this wonderful plan. Noelia, una investigadora, is widowed. She balled - and we did our best to help her feel the Spirit and the love Heavenly Father has for her.

I am trying my best to find people to baptize - I still have the fire and ánimo - Hermana Villegas and I are working SOOO vigorously to help all of Heavenly Father´s children. I want to serve everyone - I want to share the joyful news! CHRIST LIVES! HIS CHURCH IS ON THE EARTH! We have the power on earth to make covenants not only on earth, but also in the heavens. We can be baptized through Priesthood power and then continue and go to the temple and recieve more coventants and blessings. I love my Savior - I love His gospel.

Ánimo y adelante....a SERVIR Y BAUTIZAR!!!

Hermana Tingey

Thanks for being the best family ever!!!! HUGS!!!!

ánimo y adelante, Tingey family.... al Reino Celestial!!!

What a week!

What a week for EVERYONE!!!!!

I am so grateful that everyone made it to London! Let the adventures begin! Thanks to Grandma Jane for the note - I think about and pray for Grandma and Grandad. Keep getting those referrals - there´re SO important in the work!!
Elizabeth sounds like she´s having the time of her life - I can NOT wait to go together! She´s right, Jerusalem will probably be the BEST family reunion EVER!

The other day I was on divisions with Hermana Alston (¡qué sorpreza, no!?) and she said, ¨Hermana Tingey only has about 7 weeks left...¨ My mouth dropped and it finally clicked - WOW, my mission has FLOWN by! I´ve been nervous and excited ever since. And trying my best to forget about leaving because more than anything, I want to finish strong. I want to sprint to the end!

I was in La Falda (again) on divisiones - and it was so wonderful to see the progress of that little branch! One lady and a family that I contacted are now baptized, active members. What a miracle! Hermana Alston´s doing great, still with headaches, but doing alright. Then I went with Hermana LaPray on divisiones in Pringles - she´s SO trunky! (haha) It was amazing to see our progress - from the MTC to now: we are experienced misioneras, speaking in Castellano, preaching the gospel, inviting everyone to come unto Christ and be baptized. It´s truly incredible!

This last week was a tough one - lots of hard times with Hermana Villegas, lots of ups and downs in the work - we have cleaned out our list of investigadores and are desperately looking for new ones to be baptized in June.

We had a wonderful/sad experience the other day. We taught a girl named Soledad who´s 12 years old. We felt the Spirit SO strongly in the lesson. I testified of her divine nature - that she´s a special daughter of our Heavenly Father. Hermana Villegas testified that she was supposed to be a light for her family. We went to pick her up for church on Sunday and no one came to the door... then that night we went back and her mom said that she doesn´t want us to come back and that she´ll take her daughter to her Evangelical Church. ¡Qué frustración! It was SO hard to let her go, but as I was silently praying, asking my Father in Heaven, ¨¿why not now, Father?¨ I felt the Spirit testify to me that we planted a special seed in this girl´s life. I won´t be able to witness this miracle, but I know she will get baptized someday.

I bore my testimony on Sunday about the temple. How I felt when I first entered the Celestial room - how I want everyone to be there with me someday. I miss the temple SO much! I am so excited to have the privlege to go back- to feel the spirit, remember the covenants and promises made, and to help my deceased brothers and sisters. We are working with some families in Pringles to get them prepared and ready to enter the temple and be sealed as a family. What a marvelous blessing it will be in these people´s lives!

I LOVE this gospel! I LOVE this work! Yes, it´s hard, but so was the Atonement. And because Christ suffered, died, and was resurrected, we can ALL recieve exaltation. What a blessing it is to be a member of HIS church - and to represent HIM and HIS church!!!!

¡¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante... al templo!!!

Hermana Tingey



Querida Familia,

¡¡¡WOOOOHOOOOO!!! The Heavens are rejoicing because a lost sheep was brought back into the fold!

I remember thinking before the mission that baptisms were important and the first promise we make with God. However, it hasn´t been until the mission where I´ve really come to understand the eternal significance of this first covenant we make with God. Baptism is the DOOR to get into the Celestial kingdom! Without it, people can NOT enter into the presence of God! ¡Un milagro!

¡Cuán grandioso es nuestro deber como Santos de los Últimos Días, al predicar el evangelio a las almas perdidas y redimir los muertos en el mundo de los Espíritus! Les exhorto – ¡Compartan el evangelio!

Evelyn was SO happy! She cried as the Presidenta de la Primaria spoke about baptism. She was trembling, pobrecita; Brother Snidero who was going to baptize her was also trembling, pobrecito – this was his first baptism! Notwithstanding, they both preformed beautifully! And they both BEAMED as they left the pila bautismal, soaked.

Evelyn told her friend Carina (who will be getting baptized this week!), ¨I felt the Spirit enter my body after I left the water.¨ And Hermana Snidero told me that her husband talked about the baptism all night – he was SO grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Lord´s kingdom!

The baptism was a HUGE success! We had 30 people – the same attendance for a sacrament meeting! We had 4 investigadoras and a few futuros investigadores! I mouth kept dropping open as people kept filing in. Hermana Villegas kept laughing at me and saying, ¨All you have to do is believe and look what the Lord can do!¨ I am so grateful that the Lord sent her to me and to Pringles. We are seeing so much success.

I say silent prayers every couple minutes just thanking Heavenly Father over and over. What a huge joy to be able to witness so many miracles! (Like Dad, these silent prayers often consist of the family as well). (Mom, I will keep praying for you throughout the day!).

We had a Zone Conference this week. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. I prayed beforehand that I might be guided by the Spirit and I said a few things that really surprised me – I have learned SO much about the love of our Heavenly Father!

I said, ¨I always knew God loves us, but it wasn’t until the mission when I´ve truly had the heavenly glimpse of the love of our Heavenly Father. He and His Beloved Son love all of us – the drug addicts I have taught; the smokers, people who are committing adultery I have taught, etc. ALL of us! He loves all of us infinitely! And He wants us to come to Him and repent and be baptized for the remission of our sins.¨

I love these people SO much! Every day I pray for my family and for my Argentine family – these wonderful, beautiful people! They are all children of God who need the gospel in their lives!!! I wish you all could meet them.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Crist´s church. We are literally Saints because we sanctify ourselves every Sunday at church when we partake of the Santa Cena and renew our sacred covenants with Heavenly Father and the Lord. The Atonement purifies and sanctifies us. I am eternally grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His love for me and for all of us. I know HE LIVES and directs this church! I know that Joseph Smith restored Christ´s church and that today, those keys of the priesthood are held by a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormón is the word of God – this book of scripture is key to conversion! I LOVE being a part of this great work! The worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God!

Prayer List

Silvina and Carina – that they get baptized this week!

Yamila, Yoana – that they will keep progressing and dejar de fumar

Flia Rubio, Flia Kessler, Flia Morales, etc.

Evelyn y Elena – that they will stay strong in the church

That we can find a future Priesthood holder to teach and baptize!

Ánimo y adelante… ¨Bautizamos porque amamos al Señor y a nuestros Hermanos!¨

Hermana Tingey

33 People at Church!!!



It was SOOO great to hear your voices!

My mouth dropped when I heard Jack´s, ¨Hello!¨ I thought it was BEN!!!

Abby´s going to PROM!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I remember when I went to Prom from that Park City house... wow, what wonderful memories to share together! Abby - you HAVE to send a pic or two. I´ll be READY to see my GORGEOUS BABAH!!!

Dad, thanks for putting up with all the technical difficulties.. and all your thoughts on my behalf. I have truly felt a special connection with you as you've written me on my mission. Thanks for always keeping me in your prayers! I've felt them!

Mom – I love your energy! Keep hanging in there! (Remember, you´re the force, the ring, and superwoman for a reason! :) haha) Mom, you´re incredible! You are always so upbeat; you have so much patience and endurance. I´ve been telling Hermana Villegas all about you because her mom isn´t a member. I tell her about scripture mastery races, your yummy Texas Sheet Cake, and your loving example. I am SO grateful to have the most wonderful mother in the world! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

I did miss talking to Ben, Jackie, and Biffy. I hope Ben and Jackie are enjoying South Carolina. I remeber Ben saying he always wanted to talk his future wife to Charleston. So sweet that his wish became a reality.
I was thinking about stealing a call to Jersualem... then realized I´d be calling at like 1 in the morning your time! (Biffy!) hahaha but that´s alright, as Mom reminded me, ¨It´s alright, you´ll be talking to them in a few weeks!!!¨ I was a bit surprised and luckily didn´t get TOO trunky... but it was close.

WE HAD 3 INVESTIGADORES, 3 NON MEMBERS, and 33 PEOPLE AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!! Una familia menos activa, a few other menos activos, and a smiling Presidente de Rama. I was SOOO EXCITED! Presidente Wilt laughed at me and said, ¨Are you going to write that down in your journal?!¨ ARE YOU KIDDING?! OF COURSE!!! It was a record breaker for Pringles! I felt so blessed! We are literally building Zion here in Pringles - brick by brick, lesson by lesson, we are edifying and building up the kingdom of God. The greatest blessing is that we are not working alone - the members are now helping out more and we´ve been promised to have angels accompany us. The field is white, already to harvest!

Before I forget,

Prayer List (with the goal for baptism)
Silvina (28th of May) - that she will know the Book of Mormon is true! and that Joseph Smith was a profet of God!
Evelyn (21th of May) - That she will go to church and help her mom re-activate
Karina (28th of May) and the Familia Molina- That Hermana y Hermano Molina will stop smoking, that Hermano Molina will be able to baptize his daughter and that Karina will be ready for her baptism.

Carolina y Jonathan - That they will come to church!
Joana (28th of May) - that she will stop drinking and come to church!
Mikaela - that she will know the BOM is true and the Jose Smith is a profeta of God
Miriam - that she won´t be afraid and that she will know the BOM is true and the Jose Smith is a profeta of God

The first three on the list are the ones who went to church - we showed Silvina (25 yrs. old-ish) the baptismal font and President Wilt told her that she would be ¨reborn¨ as she is baptized and confirmed. Silvina pointed to me and said, ¨Yeah, she taught me that.¨ I just smiled - I have helped someone understand the importance of baptism. It´s amazing to be part of this great work!!
Evenlyn is 10- she went to church BY HERSELF!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Her mom came a couple weeks ago, but Evenlyn came by herself! She loved Primary and is excited to get baptized - I really hope this will help reactivate her mom Marcela.
Karina - and her family came! Hermano Molina shaved his beard (WOW!) and they all came in skirts and ties - I was SO impressed and excited! It´s been over 2 years since they´ve come to church!

Hermana Villegas is de Kopiapo (spelling?), Northern Chile. She and her younger brother are the only members of her family. She prayers almost every night to be worthy, so when she goes home, her mom can enjoy the blessings of the gospel. She is SOOO fun! I´ll try to get a camera soon and send a foto!

I LOVE THIS WORK!!!! thanks for your love!!!

Hermana Tingey

Elena Got Baptized!


Familia Tingey y amigos queridos,

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡TUVIMOS UN BAUTISMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a special, spiritual experience on Saturday when Elena finally followed the example of our Savior and was baptized for the remission of her sins. ¡Qué gozo!

Hermana Alston and I were running around all week making sure Elena was ready, the Elderes could come in to do the entrevista without problems, that we could have enough sacerdocio (priesthood) for the baptism, etc.

I was privileged to give the talk before she was baptized and I decided to talk right to Elena. She laughed as I told her that we were passing her house, contacting in her area, and I said to Hermana Alston, ¨vamos a tocar esta puerta…¨ and she invited us in and said, ¨I used to always go the Mormon Church!¨ Teaching her was so fun – and I talked about how she just shines, having conquered a very difficult feat in giving up smoking. She teared up as Hermana Alston and I sang ¨Divina Luz,¨ the very first song we sang in her house.

We had just enough Priesthood holders – and Enrique, a new convert, baptized Elena! They were both trembling in the water! Enrique wrote the prayer up and had it taped to the side wall – not a bad idea. And Elena is a VERY old woman (around 74) with lots of health problems and had to be helped under the water quite a few times until she was successful.

A few investigators came to the baptism – including two neighbor friends of Elena – who are 12 and 9! Their family is part of the Jehovah´s Witnesses religion, however, they LOVED the baptism and clung onto my side at church the next day. I really really want to teach these girls.


I am grateful that Heavenly Father listens and answers my prayers. I have been praying to get a companion who can 1. Work hard and effectively and 2. Will help me learn Castellano well and 3. Keep me from going too Trunky… and her name is Hermana Villegas from Chile!!! I picked her up EARLY this morning and we arrived in PRINGLES this afternoon (YES, I AM STILL IN PRINGLES!!!! WWWOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!) Hermana Villegas arrived with me to the mission waaayyy back when last year. So far, I can tell she is a neat freak, punctual, detail oriented and works hard hard HARD! So I have a GREAT deal to learn from her… and I couldn´t be more nervous and excited!

I love this gospel of our Redeemer Jesus Christ! I´ve been studying the Spirit World and other random temas and with the atonement of Jesus Christ, all things are made possible! I love my Savior and I am grateful for Him.

Love you all SOOOO MUCH!!!!

¡¡¡¡Ánimo, adelante, a BAUTIZAR Y MÁS ALLA!!! J

Hermana Tingey

Familia Eterna


Dearest Family,


You all sound so busy and so happy! I´m happy to notice that Jack´s completely grown up, Abby´s probably breaking every boy´s heart, Elizabeth is taking the reigns on the internal side of things, Ben and Jackie are still in love and as dedicated and ready for the future as ever, and that the only thing constant in Mom and Dad´s marriage is CHANGE! J I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful family!

I had a LOT of experiences this week with broken families. It breaks my heart every time I have to hear about divorce issues, affairs, different husbands or wives, abuse, etc. South America is rampant with marriage problems. But I guess the rest of the world is too. Fidelity and chastity are SO important! There is a reason why the Lord gives us these commandments!

I am so grateful for Dad and his love for Mom. I am so grateful that they keep their temple covenants! Thank you for your example! I wish Pringles could see that it IS possible! Almost every day I show pictures of Ben and Jackie´s wedding that Mom sent me. Everyone ohhh´s and awww´s about how beautiful Jackie is and how dashing Ben looks. But I always tell them the BEST part of it is that it is for ETERNITY – that this marriage will last forever as long as they both stay faithful to their covenants. Thanks to Ben and Jackie for being wonderful examples for everyone!

This week was a FUN week in Pringles as a missionary! We were blessed with MANY new investigadores and many with fechas bautismales. On top of all of that… ELENA WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!!! And… HOPES TO BE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena, una abuelita that is an antigua investigadora, said that she´s ready to be BAPTIZED this week!!!!!! But she needs a LOT of prayers… she has to stop smoking completely to be interviewed on Friday and baptized on Saturday. As a misión, we´re trying to baptized more than 100 people. That would break a misión record that hasn´t been broken in a few years – so we are praying fervently to have Elena baptized so that we might bring one more soul into the Lord´s fold!

We just started teaching a reference of a different reference – a young couple named Jonathan y Carolina. They are having marriage problems – probably because he is 21 and she is 17 and they were forced into a marriage. They have a Little toddler named Daniel (he is SOOO cute!). I shared the pictures of Ben and Jackie´s wedding – pictures of the family and everything. They loved it! I also gave them the movie Together Forever that they want to see. Jonathan said the closing prayer and Carolina said she would get baptized if she found out that the Book of Mormón is true. I really really love them!!! I hope they can have an eternal family!

Transfers – we will be finding about about transfers this week. I am SOO nervous! I don´t want to leave Pringles! I told President that I am so grateful for all of the miracles and blessings I have seen here in Pringles and that no matter if I leave or stay, I want to give my ALL – my heart, might, mind, and strength to these wonderful people! I truly love them – I hope and pray for their salvation constantly!

I´m sorry but we haven´t been able to find Juan Manuel… but he will get baptized one day, I felt it.

I love all of you SOOOO much!!! Please pray for Elena and her baptism this Saturday!!!! Pray for Jonathan and Carolina – for the menos activos in Pringles!

I love the Lord with all my heart – I am priveleged to be His servant full time. However, I know that each and every one of you are full time servants of the Lord – you just fault the tag.

¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Tingey

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Querida Familia,

Querida Familia,

Seems like I never have enough time to write lately!

This week was crazy... pobre Hermana Alston has a very painful and constant headache. We went to the doctor and spent 3-4 days in Bahía Blanca. I felt like I had to serve my companion more than anyone this week.

We had an AMAZING lesson with Juan Manuel (the drug addict, 20 year old, with a baby)! He wants to repent! He wants to be cleansed from his sins. He was very interested in the Plan of Salvación - and I also gave him the story of Alma in Alma 36 to read. This is what the gospel and baptism is all about - changing our lives and receiving a remission of our sins so that we may become like Christ. He is struggling to give up his old life - please pray for him!

Ines is a special investigadora who didn´t make it to church... but I know she will get there! She is a ¨normal¨ mother and grandmother and just has a special Spirit. She wants to come unto Christ. Please pray for her!

Brenda is preparing to serve a mission; la familia Snidero is coming back to church SO strongly! They want to get to the temple!

I feel SOOO blessed!!!!

This morning I read when Christ said, ¨Peace I give unto you, my peace I give now unto you, not as the world giveth...¨ I want and need this peace in my life. The peace the gospel brings. The peace of a repentant soul - the peace and joy of coming unto Christ. For Christ truly is the Prince of Peace.

May the Lord bless all of you with PEACE and HAPPINESS!!!

¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante!!!

Hermana Tingey

Happy Easter!

Querida Familia, 4/18/11

It´s so great to hear from everyone!!! I´m grateful the Lord protected all of you in Nebraska - I don´t think that state likes us very much. (remember the red Jimmy? May he rest in peace... :-D)
¡Felicidades a Ben y Jackie por graduarse! ¡Qué éxito!
Elizabeth - girl, I CAN NOT believe you´re already heading off to Jerusalem. ¿Will you still be able to keep in touch with me por allá?
Abby - Girl, you are SOO brave! I laughed out loud when you said that you think of me every time you get a yellow card.... the truth is, I am VERY proud of you! Every yellow card, every goal, every good positioning with defense, etc. I can´t wait to play a bit with you!!!
Jack - Excited for London?! Are you thinking about picking up Cricket o Rowing?
Sounds like Grandma and Grandad are doing great! Way to help the missionary labor in Omaha!

Juan Manuel has not been home - it´s hard to see someone so golden go... but I have faith that he will feel the Spirit again and find the truth. Ines did not come to church; however, we had a VERY powerful Plan of Salvación lesson this week. Afterward she said, ¨That was a beautiful charla, Hermanas.¨ She felt the Spirit very strongly. If only she would keep her commitments!

We found a very perky, fun abuela named Alicia. She is all smiles, just LOVES us, and has been reading the Book of Mormón. We went over to her house yesterday to have a lesson. Come to find out, she had invited her grandson (who is single and religious) and two of his friends. ¨My grandson is wonderful... he doesn´t drink or smoke, AND he is very very sweet....¨ ¨Oh no...¨ I thought. However, I said a quick prayer and took the reigns. I asked the 3 boys if they were religious. They were very respectful and talked about their past with churches and whatnot.

Then I asked Alicia about her reading and she said she had just been asking her Grandson to help her to understand the Spirit World. ¨El mundo de los Espíritus....¨ I explained the Plan of Salvation... everything from eternal families to agency... then they asked me question after question and I was on fire - talking about the Restoration and everything.
In about an hour´s time, ended up teaching all of lesson 1, 2, and 3!!! They were drinking in everything - the Spirit was SO SO strong! It was one of those lessons where I felt like a real missionary- fulfilling my duty to proclaim the gospel with the sound of a trump.

I looked at my watch, realizing over an hour had passed and said, ¨We would like to finish answering your questions with a later visit, can we come back such and such day?¨ They promised to read 3 Nefi 11. I am hoping and praying that Nicolas, Cristian, y el otro Nicolas will feel the Spirit as they read the words of Christ in 3 Nefi. They will be future missionaries!

¡Please pray for my compañera! Hermana Alston has been having the hardest time - she is still struggling with a severe headache/migraine. It was been present for 3 weeks - not receding by the slightest. She is still working hard - very patient as I still drag her all over Pringles. I always ask if she wants to rest, but she just sticks it out. We are hoping and praying that the doctors can find a solution soon.

Here is my testimony with Easter coming up:
Les testifico que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es el reino del Señor acá en la tierra hasta la Segunda Venida del Señor.
Yo sé que el Profeta Monson nos guia hoy en día - y sí lo seguimos, vamos a estar protegidos, guiados, y consoldados. Yo les testifico que el Señor vive - ÉL VIVE!!! Resucitó despues de padeciendo, sangrando de cada poro, y muriendo en la cruz, pero lo aguantó por el amor puro por su Padre y por nosotros. Espero que todos tengan este conocimiento. Sufro cuando no lo tengan - por eso, estoy serviendo a mi Salvador como misionera.

I miss you all, but I know that the Lord is protecting you while I am gone. He loves you! He loves me! And He loves all of the wonderful people here in Argentina.

¡¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante.... VAMOS PRINGLES!!!! :)

Hermana Tingey
(Los chicos de acá dicen, ¨ TINGEY TINGEY TINGEY!¨ hahaha)

P.S. When is Mother´s Day?! Because I get to call you on Mother´s Day!!! Who´s going to where? Dad in London, Ben and Jackie in Provo still? and Mom in PC? Just let me know what´s up - will I get to hear from Biffy or will she be gone?

Monday, March 28, 2011


Querida Familia Mía,

¡Los quiero! ¡Realmente les extraño un montonaso, pero igual, yo aguanto y robro fielmente para mi Señor!

Daddy´s accomodating to London, Mom´s keeping busy with all the stress, Elizabeth´s a fire ball (that´s my girl!), Abby´s rocking it with Lacrosse (that´s my girl!), and Jack´s going wonderfullly! Ben and Jackie - ustedes son seguidores fieles del Señor - ¡se lo ayudará con todo!

Thanks for writing me - this week I really needed all of your letters. It seems like the Lord ALWAYS blesses us in the exact moment we need it the most. Muchísmas gracias for supporting me by praying, writing letters, and doing all you can to help the work of the Lord. ¡You all are CAPOS! :)

Hermana Alston and I ate tacos today (thanks for the package, Mom!!!) and gingerbread scones (thanks to La mamá de Hermana Alston) - I haven´t had those flavors in over a year! It was a joyous momento! AND I am learning how to cook! Hermana Alston is teaching me all kinds of yummy recipes, as well as teaching me how to cook with spices, what to do with meats, how to keep the flavor, etc. Argentines love cooking - and ALL of the Argentines smile and say that, ¨Finally because she´s learning how to cook, Hermana Tingey is ready to get married!¨ haha!

A few wonderful people I met and tried my best to help them feel the Spirit this week:

Vanesa y Alejandro - una familia Católica - they are wonderful! Their neighbors refered us to them - so we happily contacted the reference and were able to teach Vanesa of the Book of Mormón. They have no intention of changing religions, but if they being to read the Book of Mormón, I know that that will change!

Guillermo - a man who is divorced and comes to live with his parents in Pringles every other weekend. He read the Intro to the Book of Mormon! He promised that at some point, he will read the entire Book of Mormon! I really felt the Spirit as he described his busqueda de la verdad. Guillermo had a sad experience where he was about to have a scary operation, so we went to pray in the Catholic church to have some peace. A catholic cura came up and said to him, ¨How much time were you planning on praying?¨ (as in trying to say, we have to close up, can you leave?) So, Guillermo got up, left and never went back to the Catholic church. He doesn´t want to attend church, but he does want to find peace.

Juan Manuel - A crazy 20 year old who bought his own house. He lived a crazy life, but his girlfriend just had a baby. It changed his life and focus - and now he is trying to acercarse a Dios. He stopped ME in the calle and said, ¨I´m interested, can I learn about the gospel?¨ He has smoked illegal drugs and well... does not live a clean, virtuous life. But I truly felt like he wants to turn himself around. My Presidente de Rama told us Hermanas to be careful and to always have a member in the lesson. We are doing that - and if he doesn´t progress, we´re dropping him, but I truly hope and pray with all of my heart that he progresses and that he can be baptized for the remission of his sins. What a beautiful day that would be for him.

I am very happy and content to be here in Pringles. I love the members - I love animating them to continue to live the gospel and watch as they grow through church service, through helping with the obra misional, everything! I hope to have a great relationship with them after the mission... I really want to finish my mission here in Pringles! I hope that´s the Lord´s will for me!

I LOVE this gospel! I absolutely love the abundant amount of blessings and miracles that I have experienced here in Pringles. There are so many, that it´s hard for me to remember how HARD it was in La Falda or in Mar del Plata (But I am grateful for those areas - I learned SO much!). Heavenly Father has opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings on us here - lots of little ones. One day, I know that this rama will be a strong, thriving ward!

Please pray for:
Pablo y Evangelina - y Natalia - that they will go to church!
María Castillo y Celeste - that they will be baptized!
Tomás - that he will be baptized soon!
Vanesa y Alejandro - that they will read the Book of Mormon
Juan Manuel - he will repent and keep his commitments!
Guillermo - that he will feel the peace and come to church!
That Hermana Alston and I will find new investigadores that will progress towards baptism!

I know that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God who descended below us all to lift us up, so that we might have eternal life with our Father in Heaven and our precious familias. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet! I KNOW that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet and Presidente of the church. And we are blessed with 15 prophets, seers, and reveladores on the earth who will be speaking to ALL of us this weekend!!!! I am SOOOO excited! Like Dad, I´ve been looking forward to this for while. I will be going with many questions, so that the Spirit might help me learn and grow.

I LOVE all of you SOOO much!!! Please know that I am trying to make all of you proud as a representative of our Savior. I hope He is proud of me too.

¡Ánimo y adelante! ¡ABRAZOS!

Hermana Tingey

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tingey Family Planet Hopping & Courage

Querida Familia Mía, 5/21/11

Traslados... and I´m still in Pringles with Hermana Alston! I wasn´t worried - I knew we´d be staying here together. The biggest question is if I´m going to stay in Pringles to finish my mission or no... but we´ll have to wait another 6 weeks to find out!

I had my interview with Presidente this week - He asked me how my family is - I replied that they were about to move... again. His mouth DROPPED open... He asked, ¨When are they going to stop moving?
I shrugged and said, ¨In Heaven?¨
And he said, ¨I´m not so sure, Hermana Tingey. I think Heavenly Father will be sending the Tingey family to that far off planet, then the other, and the other far off in another universe...¨
I laughed so HARD!!! :) So, we´re the Tingey family - planet hopping clan!

But as the interview went on, he taught me to have more of a eternal perspective. He said, ¨All you see if today or tomorrow or next week, but Heavenly Father is preparing you for the eternities...¨ I was grateful for his vision. Heavenly Father does see it all - and right now we´re just at one little spot in eternity. Our decisions seem like a big deal, our problems TODAY or difficulties TODAY... but in the whole scheme of things, it´s that little by little, line upon line, we are becoming more and more like Christ. And we hope to one day, become as Him.

I had a great contact this week. Hermana Alston crossed a busy road before I could and as I waited to cross, a guy rode his bike up next to me. ¨Busy street?¨ ¨Yes, and my comp´s on the other side.¨ I replied.
¨WOAH, weird accent, where in the world are you from?¨ (a very common response)
We talked a bit as I crossed the street and rejoined with my comp. We all 3 walked together for a bit and finally Juan Manuel(he) said, ¨My girlfriend just had our baby... I´m interested in religion. What do I have to do to learn?¨
My mouth dropped. ¨We could come over tomorrow and discus the gospel of Jesus Christ with you?¨ ¨Great, see you tomorrow!¨

WOOHOO! However, Juan Manuel wasn´t home the next day... BUT we talked to his neighbor Gisela who was really excited about the Book of Mormón. She has had a rough life - choosing to have a baby at age 14 instead of giving it up for abortion. I told her she was very strong to do so. She thanked me and said, ¨I knew it was the right desicion to make.¨ I was impressed with her courage.

I have been impressed lately with people who are courageous and strong, even in the midst of Satan´s strong grasp. The recient converts are some of those. Enrique, a 18 year old boy who was baptized 2 weeks before we came, said, ¨I love the prophet Joseph Smith! I am fascinated with the First Vision!¨ He is so strong. Brenda, a girl who was baptized a little less than a year ago, just paid her tithing for the first time this last Sunday. It´s a HUGE step for a recent convert. She´s 22 and deciding whether to serve a mission.
I also think of Abby and Jack facing opposition in High School - it takes great courage to be a righteous member of the church. I commend you both for your courage and faithfulness. For everyone - Ben and Jackie -and your courage to move forward with your debt and grad school, confiaring en Cristo. Elizabeth - courage to go to Jerusalem. MOM - courage to face ALL of the stress and struggles with the move!!! Dad - all of the stress with work and moving, too!! Grandma and Grandad with their mission call. Cousin Nick in Japan - AUNT CHARLENE and ABBY and MOM who all courageously invited less actives to church (WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! I am SOOOO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) For all of you Saints of the Latter-days and all of your courage. Let´s press forward, having a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of HOPE and a love of God and of all men.

I am SOOO excited for General Conference in two weeks!!! I am trying to prepare myself and the members to be ready to receive the words of our latter-day prophets, seers, and reveladores. I LOVE THIS RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUSCHRIST!!!

¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante... a Sión!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Tingey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pringles Week 6

Familia, 3-14-11

First of all, no one said anything about looking for someone on Sunday. An investigador or a less active member. I was disheartened to notice that… I really truly pray that we all might help our brothers and sisters come unto Christ through attending church. It is the house of the Lord – and they will feel of the Spirit and want to change their lives. Will you all keep this commitment? Will you bring someone to church this month?

Everyone has been talking about Japan – what a sad catastrophe! However, I am so grateful for our modern-day prophets who have led and guided us what to do to prepare for these times. And I am grateful of the knowledge of the plan of salvación. My prayers are with Elder Nick Warren!

Send my love to Grandma and Grandad – they will have SO much fun in the MTC! I will be praying for them as they start as ¨Greenies¨ in the misión!

Dad – you have to take pictures of Singapore! I would LOVE to see what it´s like!

Grandma – thanks for sending a pic of our new kitchen in Park City! I´m so sad because I won´t see the PC house for a LONG time and I´d love to see how it turns out!

Hermana Alston was studying the other day and started laughing, ¨Hermana Tingey, I found your scripture!¨ D & C 84:80 or 116 That if you serve the Lord, ¨…the hair on your head won´t go unnoticed¨! With my bald spot problem, we got a kick out of that! J

Roberto Achigar is doing great! He paid his tithing on Sunday and Presidente de Rama talked to him to get him preparing to receive the Priesthood. Did I mention he owns a bar?! He doesn´t drink, but just loves chatting away with the old guys that go over and drink. We had a lesson the other day with him in his bar - ¡Oh, the crazy missionary life I have! J

We had the CRAZIEST weather the last few days… we had 2 days of the worst heat I´ve had my entire mission. Hot hot sun and humidity – my district líder said it was 99 degrees! Luckily a lot of people let us in and gave us water. Then suddenly the weather changed drastically and it sleeted and rained horrifically for two days straight. We changed into Winter clothes and kept going – with our umbrellas and gloves! We also got into a couple houses that day because of the cold. ¡Diligence!

We finally met our goal of over 15 new investigadores- we had 19!!!! Wooohooo! The people in Pringles are prepared for the góspel!

We have lots of great investigadores, but the biggest problem is that people will not keep their commitment about coming to church. We do everything – commit them to come on Saturday, call them on Saturday night/Sunday morning, sometimes even go and try to get them, but they just don´t come. We try to verify what happened, but they are just lame excuses. It hurts me so much – I want these people to be able to get baptized! What can we do to get people at church? What do you all think? Dad, Ben, Jackie, Mom, everyone?

I love serving the Lord – I love His góspel! It is only through our obedience to the Lord´s commandments and covenants and His grace and mercy that we might gain eternal life. I love that we can do it!!!

Prayer List

José Cogley – that he will come to church!

Pablo y Evangelina – that they will know the Book of Mormón is true- and come to church

Augustina – that she will get baptized

Iliad – that she will come to church

Ines – that she will know the Book of Mormón is true

Fabricio = that he will get baptized


Animo y adelante

La Hermana Tingey