Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pringles Week 6

Familia, 3-14-11

First of all, no one said anything about looking for someone on Sunday. An investigador or a less active member. I was disheartened to notice that… I really truly pray that we all might help our brothers and sisters come unto Christ through attending church. It is the house of the Lord – and they will feel of the Spirit and want to change their lives. Will you all keep this commitment? Will you bring someone to church this month?

Everyone has been talking about Japan – what a sad catastrophe! However, I am so grateful for our modern-day prophets who have led and guided us what to do to prepare for these times. And I am grateful of the knowledge of the plan of salvación. My prayers are with Elder Nick Warren!

Send my love to Grandma and Grandad – they will have SO much fun in the MTC! I will be praying for them as they start as ¨Greenies¨ in the misión!

Dad – you have to take pictures of Singapore! I would LOVE to see what it´s like!

Grandma – thanks for sending a pic of our new kitchen in Park City! I´m so sad because I won´t see the PC house for a LONG time and I´d love to see how it turns out!

Hermana Alston was studying the other day and started laughing, ¨Hermana Tingey, I found your scripture!¨ D & C 84:80 or 116 That if you serve the Lord, ¨…the hair on your head won´t go unnoticed¨! With my bald spot problem, we got a kick out of that! J

Roberto Achigar is doing great! He paid his tithing on Sunday and Presidente de Rama talked to him to get him preparing to receive the Priesthood. Did I mention he owns a bar?! He doesn´t drink, but just loves chatting away with the old guys that go over and drink. We had a lesson the other day with him in his bar - ¡Oh, the crazy missionary life I have! J

We had the CRAZIEST weather the last few days… we had 2 days of the worst heat I´ve had my entire mission. Hot hot sun and humidity – my district líder said it was 99 degrees! Luckily a lot of people let us in and gave us water. Then suddenly the weather changed drastically and it sleeted and rained horrifically for two days straight. We changed into Winter clothes and kept going – with our umbrellas and gloves! We also got into a couple houses that day because of the cold. ¡Diligence!

We finally met our goal of over 15 new investigadores- we had 19!!!! Wooohooo! The people in Pringles are prepared for the góspel!

We have lots of great investigadores, but the biggest problem is that people will not keep their commitment about coming to church. We do everything – commit them to come on Saturday, call them on Saturday night/Sunday morning, sometimes even go and try to get them, but they just don´t come. We try to verify what happened, but they are just lame excuses. It hurts me so much – I want these people to be able to get baptized! What can we do to get people at church? What do you all think? Dad, Ben, Jackie, Mom, everyone?

I love serving the Lord – I love His góspel! It is only through our obedience to the Lord´s commandments and covenants and His grace and mercy that we might gain eternal life. I love that we can do it!!!

Prayer List

José Cogley – that he will come to church!

Pablo y Evangelina – that they will know the Book of Mormón is true- and come to church

Augustina – that she will get baptized

Iliad – that she will come to church

Ines – that she will know the Book of Mormón is true

Fabricio = that he will get baptized


Animo y adelante

La Hermana Tingey

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