Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Familia, 3/7/11
WOW – I still can hardly believe that we´re moving to LONDON! I am very grateful the Lord is taking care of my wonderful family and that everything is working out beautifully in London. The flat, school for the kids, the Ward, everything! Our Heavenly Father and Savior truly bless us. Maybe Montréal was just a little taste of the big adventure that´s about to come!

¡¡¡VI UN MILAGRO!!! (¡¡¡I SAW A MIRACLE!!!) I have seen a few miracles on my misión and this one adds to the goodness and grace of the Lord in my misión. ¡¡¡¡WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! I asked all of the members to bring an investigador or a less active member to church. The following week, EVERYONE completed the desafío. It was a miracle! One was a man named Roberto Achigar. He had investigated the church many years before and his son had gotten baptized years back, but had gone inactive. Bueno, we got a cita with him for Wednesday. We talked to him and asked him to get baptized this last weekend. He said he wasn´t sure. We knelt down and prayed together. He said he still wasn´t sure. I asked him to pray that night to ask Heavenly Father if he should get baptized that weekend. Thursday, we went over and said he felt good about it. So, we went over the baptismal interview and he passed. I asked him why he wanted to get baptized. He said his wife had passed away 8 years ago, and he felt like she wanted to be baptized (for the dead in the temple). He figured he should too m and help her do it. I kept praying , asking Heavenly Father if Roberto was ready to make this covenant. I felt the Spirit testifying to me to ask about D&C 20:37. I asked him if he felt he had repented of his sins and wanted to come unto Christ. He said yes. I felt the Spirit, and said, ¨Bueno, mañana puede tener su entrevista usted?¨ So, we called the ZL´s and they came and did an interview on Friday. We scurried around and got everything ready. Then Saturday, he was BAPTIZED! And Sunday, he was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Holy Ghost.

I have a greater testimony that faith always comes after the , ¨prueba de nuestra fe¨ (trial of our faith), like in Mar del Plata. I have felt so blessed here in Pringles and this miracle just adds to my joy. After a year in the misión, I feel like I was prepared to be the missionary I am today – and now it´s ¨game time.¨ I want to bring as many souls as I can unto Christ through baptism. I hope to help this rama (of 12-16 attendance) to grow and expand, so that we might have Zion here in Pringles. I want to bring new people into the fold and help lost sheep come back to the fold. I hope and pray that humbly I might lograr estas metas (obtain this goal).

We have to dejar our other investigadores because they aren´t progressing. I am going to hang onto to Cinthia and her children and Fabio and Deborah just a couple days more to see - because I felt something very special with them. But please pray that we can find new investigadores that will progress and get baptized!
I love my Lord and my Savior. I know that through his Atonement, Heavenly Father can bring to pass the inmortalidad y vida eterna del hombre. I am grateful for las ordenanzas y convenios that we make in the temple to have eternal families and to obtain eternal life. All of this was made possible through the Savior - and we have these blessings through the Restauración de la verdad.

¡ánimo y adelante... a bautizar! :)
Hermana Tingey

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