Monday, February 28, 2011

How's the challenge?

Querida Familia,

WOW, so the changes are already beginning! Having a family rent the house is an ideal situation - I am grateful that the Lord is taking care of all of you. And with Ben and Jackie - DC will be such a GREAT opportunity - Ben´s always wanted to live there! ¡Qué suerte!
And Miller apartments sounds fantastic - haha - I am super excited to be living with Biff and Hermana LaPray!!! Watch out Miller apts, the TINGEY GIRLS ARE COMING! :)

Well, Hermana Alston and I are dying in the heat and sun - we almost got heat stroke yesterday! Luckily, a member let us in for some water and laughter.

Hermana Alston is great. A cute girl from Idaho, who was studying to be a Vet at Utah State. She worked with pigs and cows before coming to the misión. She´s struggling with Castellano, but she´s a fighter.

Come to find out, having a Veternarian as a comp has it´s ups and downs. 1. She can keep the vicious dogs from biting us however, 2. She pets all the dogs.... and we found out the other day that we had FLEAS in our beds!!!! So, we went out and bought Raid and other supplise to hose down the bedding. we washed some things... and now, she reluctantly keeps her hands away from the dogs. Funny Argentina experiences!

We were contacting and I just started talking to a man. We walked a couple cuadras with him and then she said, ¨Well chao chicas.¨ and left. We walked a bit and Hermana Alston said, ¨I felt like I should have given him this Book of Mormon.¨ I stopped and then said, ¨¿Vámenos?¨ we turned and started RUNNING for about 4 cuadras (he was walking pretty fast). He gratefully accepted the Book of Mormón and said that he loves to read. We have faith with Sandro- one day he´ll come ´round!

I had a very interesting experience with a man named Guillermo Figueroa. We contacted him in the street and he looked at me and said, ¨IT will be very hard to convince me that there is a God.¨ But he invited us over. We went over and chatted at his doorstep for about a half an hour. He doesn´t have faith in God and has lived a pretty rough life. He looked at me and said, ¨Will you promise me something?¨ ¨Uh.... ok.¨ ¨Will you write me a letter when you get home from your mission?¨ I was taken aback (is he a creeper or just a lonely old man?), but he said, ¨You seem like a very truthful girl, the world needs that, and I feel really good with you two here.¨ He started to cry, then wipped away his tears out of embarassment. I said, ¨Of course, but I want you to know that God loves you and that you can be happy NOW.¨ I invited him to church and invited him to read the Book of Mormon to no avail, but I want to go back and try again some day. I was very touched that he felt the Spirit through us.

Presidente Wilt, our branch Presidente, is AWESOME! He is on fire with the Obra Misional - we´ve talked about it 3 weeks in a row in our ward and he wants to get this branch going again. We had 16 people in the Branch on Sunday - and it felt like a lot more than usual! There are SO many less actives missing - we are working hard to build Zion here in Pringles.

We are finding around 11 new investigadores every week - but still trying to get 15. I keep praying fervently to start having baptisms here in Pringles. I want to start getting the mission/area goal of 1 baptism a week. It´s a challenge, but I have faith!

Pringles - we see Gauchos, the Argentine cowboys, ridding their horses every day. We walk on dirt roads and old old roads (like 1910). We see trees and plants - lots of houses. We can smell people making their Argentine/Italian food mid day - it smells SO good! But not as good as fresh bread in Panaderías! :) I wave and say hello to EVERYONE and EVERYONE says hi back! We preach of Christ and invite everyone to come unto Him, unto our Savior, and recieve of his love and mercy. I love what Dad said, I know that´s why I am here too, Dad. To help people to understand the Atonement. I feel privelged to be His servant - I have felt more bolder, and have taught with more power the more I have come to rely on Him. I know He loves me and loves the people here in Pringles - I constantly ask Heavenly Father to guide me with His Spirit - I know there are the elect here, ready to be baptized.

Prayer List
Fabio and Deborah - that they will come to church!
Marianela and Martín - that she will stop smoking and they´ll get married!
Carmen - that she will know the Book of Mormon is true!
Cintia and her children - that they will feel the Spirit and come to church!
Familia Nuñez - come to church!
Natalia - read the Book of Mormon

The field is white, all ready to harvest! Are you all bringing people with you to church??? Our Branch Presidente loved that idea and challenged all of the líderes of the Branch to do it. EVERYONE but 1 member in our little Branch brought people on Sunday. We had two future investigadores and a couple less actives - it was like ZION. I challenge all of you to wake up earlier and bring a less active or investigador to church. I promise you the Lord will provide a way to build His kingdom. So, who´s willing to thrust his sickle?


Hermana Tingey

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