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Thanks for all the emails and letters... Marisol got married! ¡¡¡AH!!! ¡Felicidades! Brit and Bennett, The AZ Hales, etc. ¡Gracias a todos!

Well, saying goodbye to Mar del Plata was REALLY hard. I bore my testimony about the joy I have felt serving in the Lord´s vineyard HERE in Mar del Plata, Barrio Centro. I´ve felt JOY before with my family and in the temple, but in the misión, my first real experience with JOY was with Oscar´s bautismo where I truly understood the joy of helping to bring an alma of the Lord back into his redil. I shed a tear or two as I talked about having all of us meet again in the Reino Celestial.

Many people came up to me and thanked me for my service in their Ward, for my smile and attitude, etc. A few people even started crying and said that I was a very special Hermana. I was taken back – ME. A special Hermana? I felt very grateful for their words. Sometimes we don´t see the difference we make in others lives.

I was doing alright until I saw Oscar. I walked up to say goodbye… and Oscar cried. Then I cried. He is part of my family now. This wonderful 76 year old man. I hope with all my heart to see him again in this life on earth.

Saying goodbye to my hijita Hermana Freeman was also difficult, and to Gastón (I told him he HAD to send me photos when he gets baptized!), y Hermana Fischer, the wife of the Bishop, who kept saying, ¨¡Te quiero, Hermanita!¨

I loved Mar del Plata.

So, after a LONG trip to Bahía Blanca, I met my new companion, Hermana Alstin, una nuevita (it´s her 2nd traslado out). We got on another bus to go to my new area….. PRINGLES! (pronounced with a Spanish- accent ¨PRÍN-GLES¨)

I was translado-ed (aka transfered) to a little pueblito about 2 ½ hours outside of Bahía Blanca. ¡It´s in the same stake that my first 3 areas of the misión are in! They haven´t had Hermanas here for more than 12 years!!! I am SUPER excited and nervous and stoked and privileged to be one of the first here after so long an absence (Everyone who knows me knows how only I could feel all of those emotions at the same time – BAHHH! Haha).

After talking to a few Élderes during the transitions with traslados and to the Presidente de Rama today, it seems like the biggest problem here is laziness. Members just don´t go to church! And that often there are only 10-30 members there on Sunday! ¡Yikes! But I´m excited for this challenge. I feel like a large of my misión was to help menos activos familias and to keep the members strong and moving forward.

So, when it rains, it pours. Not only am I going in blind to a new Hermana area, am a madrastra (mother-in-law) to a nuevita (it´s almost like training, but actually a bit harder), but some chauvones entered the Mission Office and stole Money and some Passports… including mine. SO, I´m off to BUENOS AIRES this week to get it figured out. ¡Loquísimo! But I´m just trying not to stress…. Life´s great and I have SOOO many goals and hopes with Pringles!

I know that the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us. I know that he loves us because he suffered every pain, every sickness, every difficulty, every stressful momento, etc. that we have had and will have. Through Adam, we fell and had to suffer physical and spiritual death. Through Christ, we can all receive physical and spirit life! What joy I have in this infinite sacrifice and perfect plan!

Keep it up! Ánimo y adelante…. Coronal Pringles, HERE WE COME! J

La Hermana Tingey

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