Monday, January 24, 2011


¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Querida FAMILIA!!! 1/22/11

HOLA from waaaayyyy down South! I was just thinking about how far away The States are from Argentina... then how far LONDON is from Argentina... wow.

I was also thinking about how different Argentina is... I guess in the States, we don´t have a siesta where everyone takes a nap in the afternoon, or when we´re starving, we buy empenadas to eat. Do we have empenadas in the States?
I feel very priveleged to be having this adventure here in Argentina!

We finished the Hermana´s Conference with giggling and pictures, hugs and tears... we have AWESOME Hermana´s in this mission! I saw Hermana Olsen, Hermana Abarzúa, Hermana Seegmiller, Hermana Lapray.... oh, and Hermana Clark is a capa, Ben! She´s struggling with a hard comp, but she´s a fighter! We really bonded. Hermana Collette too - she´s awesome! I really look up to an Hermana Wilding who is going home this next transfer! I call her ¨Mom,¨ because, besides Hermana Detlefsen, she´s our mission Mom. She gave me a hug and said, ¨You´re the next Mom after I´m gone!¨ Wow, I will be one of the oldest and need to be a peace keeper between Hermanas and make sure everyone feels loved. I don´t know if I´ll live up to her example, but I will try.

WELL, I had a wonderful realization this week. (Perdón, I think every week I talk about the same thing, but I think it´s been a big hurdle for me on my mission, as well as in my life.) Feeling content and happy with my work as a missionary. SO, I started studying about faith... and I started a ¨Busqueda de la Fe,¨ or a Search for Faith. I´ve been changing my mindset on the work, on the voluntad del Señor (the will of the Lord), and my life. Instead of just hoping or praying or trying...and not seeing the results, I am hoping, praying, and trying WITH the faith that although I don´t see the results, doesn´t mean they won´t come.For instance, when I began my mission, I had the faith that EVERYONE could get baptized (good ól greenie fire!). Now that I´m a lot older and wiser, I know not everyone will when I´d like them too... but this mindset has hurt my faith a bit. So, I´ve decided to become as a Greenie again (or as a little child) - submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to the Lord´s will, etc. I know my purpose is to help others come unto Christ by having faith, repenting, being baptized by the authority of God, and thus receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. Although I haven´t had a lot of baptisms, I know that I am fulfilling my purpose because I am doing all I can to help others with their faith or repentance, to help menos activos, to help other missionaries have ánimo, etc. I don´t think I was meant to see a lot of baptisms. I think I was called to help people with their progress to baptism and the temple, and that the Lord would reveal the fruits of my labor in HIS time and not mine. I just need to be patient, long-suffering (in the heat!), humble, and just as happy as I can!

I think this can be applied to everyone´s life... we all just have to remember our purpose here and God´s plan and have faith in Him and His Father´s plan. Oh what great joy! the Plan of Redemption is perfect - truly flawless and beautiful!

Gastón said he will get baptized... he just wants more time for it to settle in with his family... but the real problem is that he needs a testimony of Joseph Smith. He still struggles with that. I am determined and have a LOT of faith, that he can still get baptized while I am here in Mar del Plata. I pray daily, crying unto the Lord for help, but it is all His will and Gastón´s decision. Regardless, I know that I have been a part of his conversion, and that Gastón is going to help the work progress here in Mar del Plata. PLEASE pray that Gastón will receive a testimony of Joseph Smith and that he will recognize it and ACT on it!!

New Investigator - SILVIA!!! We´ve been teaching her in English - wow, I can actually explain gospel principles in my own language! WOOHOOO! It was a MIRACLE! I contatcted her husband about 3 months ago in the street. Then I contacted him the other day and he said, ¨My wife would like to talk to you.¨ We´ve had two really great lessons, but she´s gotten busy with family and vacationing. Please pray that she will read the Book of Mormon and make time for us.

Cross your fingers that Romina will finally get baptized this week!!! She´s just timid...

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Faith. Faith... and ánimo y adelante!!!

La Hermana Tingey

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