Monday, March 28, 2011


Querida Familia Mía,

¡Los quiero! ¡Realmente les extraño un montonaso, pero igual, yo aguanto y robro fielmente para mi Señor!

Daddy´s accomodating to London, Mom´s keeping busy with all the stress, Elizabeth´s a fire ball (that´s my girl!), Abby´s rocking it with Lacrosse (that´s my girl!), and Jack´s going wonderfullly! Ben and Jackie - ustedes son seguidores fieles del Señor - ¡se lo ayudará con todo!

Thanks for writing me - this week I really needed all of your letters. It seems like the Lord ALWAYS blesses us in the exact moment we need it the most. Muchísmas gracias for supporting me by praying, writing letters, and doing all you can to help the work of the Lord. ¡You all are CAPOS! :)

Hermana Alston and I ate tacos today (thanks for the package, Mom!!!) and gingerbread scones (thanks to La mamá de Hermana Alston) - I haven´t had those flavors in over a year! It was a joyous momento! AND I am learning how to cook! Hermana Alston is teaching me all kinds of yummy recipes, as well as teaching me how to cook with spices, what to do with meats, how to keep the flavor, etc. Argentines love cooking - and ALL of the Argentines smile and say that, ¨Finally because she´s learning how to cook, Hermana Tingey is ready to get married!¨ haha!

A few wonderful people I met and tried my best to help them feel the Spirit this week:

Vanesa y Alejandro - una familia Católica - they are wonderful! Their neighbors refered us to them - so we happily contacted the reference and were able to teach Vanesa of the Book of Mormón. They have no intention of changing religions, but if they being to read the Book of Mormón, I know that that will change!

Guillermo - a man who is divorced and comes to live with his parents in Pringles every other weekend. He read the Intro to the Book of Mormon! He promised that at some point, he will read the entire Book of Mormon! I really felt the Spirit as he described his busqueda de la verdad. Guillermo had a sad experience where he was about to have a scary operation, so we went to pray in the Catholic church to have some peace. A catholic cura came up and said to him, ¨How much time were you planning on praying?¨ (as in trying to say, we have to close up, can you leave?) So, Guillermo got up, left and never went back to the Catholic church. He doesn´t want to attend church, but he does want to find peace.

Juan Manuel - A crazy 20 year old who bought his own house. He lived a crazy life, but his girlfriend just had a baby. It changed his life and focus - and now he is trying to acercarse a Dios. He stopped ME in the calle and said, ¨I´m interested, can I learn about the gospel?¨ He has smoked illegal drugs and well... does not live a clean, virtuous life. But I truly felt like he wants to turn himself around. My Presidente de Rama told us Hermanas to be careful and to always have a member in the lesson. We are doing that - and if he doesn´t progress, we´re dropping him, but I truly hope and pray with all of my heart that he progresses and that he can be baptized for the remission of his sins. What a beautiful day that would be for him.

I am very happy and content to be here in Pringles. I love the members - I love animating them to continue to live the gospel and watch as they grow through church service, through helping with the obra misional, everything! I hope to have a great relationship with them after the mission... I really want to finish my mission here in Pringles! I hope that´s the Lord´s will for me!

I LOVE this gospel! I absolutely love the abundant amount of blessings and miracles that I have experienced here in Pringles. There are so many, that it´s hard for me to remember how HARD it was in La Falda or in Mar del Plata (But I am grateful for those areas - I learned SO much!). Heavenly Father has opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings on us here - lots of little ones. One day, I know that this rama will be a strong, thriving ward!

Please pray for:
Pablo y Evangelina - y Natalia - that they will go to church!
María Castillo y Celeste - that they will be baptized!
Tomás - that he will be baptized soon!
Vanesa y Alejandro - that they will read the Book of Mormon
Juan Manuel - he will repent and keep his commitments!
Guillermo - that he will feel the peace and come to church!
That Hermana Alston and I will find new investigadores that will progress towards baptism!

I know that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God who descended below us all to lift us up, so that we might have eternal life with our Father in Heaven and our precious familias. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet! I KNOW that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet and Presidente of the church. And we are blessed with 15 prophets, seers, and reveladores on the earth who will be speaking to ALL of us this weekend!!!! I am SOOOO excited! Like Dad, I´ve been looking forward to this for while. I will be going with many questions, so that the Spirit might help me learn and grow.

I LOVE all of you SOOO much!!! Please know that I am trying to make all of you proud as a representative of our Savior. I hope He is proud of me too.

¡Ánimo y adelante! ¡ABRAZOS!

Hermana Tingey

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tingey Family Planet Hopping & Courage

Querida Familia Mía, 5/21/11

Traslados... and I´m still in Pringles with Hermana Alston! I wasn´t worried - I knew we´d be staying here together. The biggest question is if I´m going to stay in Pringles to finish my mission or no... but we´ll have to wait another 6 weeks to find out!

I had my interview with Presidente this week - He asked me how my family is - I replied that they were about to move... again. His mouth DROPPED open... He asked, ¨When are they going to stop moving?
I shrugged and said, ¨In Heaven?¨
And he said, ¨I´m not so sure, Hermana Tingey. I think Heavenly Father will be sending the Tingey family to that far off planet, then the other, and the other far off in another universe...¨
I laughed so HARD!!! :) So, we´re the Tingey family - planet hopping clan!

But as the interview went on, he taught me to have more of a eternal perspective. He said, ¨All you see if today or tomorrow or next week, but Heavenly Father is preparing you for the eternities...¨ I was grateful for his vision. Heavenly Father does see it all - and right now we´re just at one little spot in eternity. Our decisions seem like a big deal, our problems TODAY or difficulties TODAY... but in the whole scheme of things, it´s that little by little, line upon line, we are becoming more and more like Christ. And we hope to one day, become as Him.

I had a great contact this week. Hermana Alston crossed a busy road before I could and as I waited to cross, a guy rode his bike up next to me. ¨Busy street?¨ ¨Yes, and my comp´s on the other side.¨ I replied.
¨WOAH, weird accent, where in the world are you from?¨ (a very common response)
We talked a bit as I crossed the street and rejoined with my comp. We all 3 walked together for a bit and finally Juan Manuel(he) said, ¨My girlfriend just had our baby... I´m interested in religion. What do I have to do to learn?¨
My mouth dropped. ¨We could come over tomorrow and discus the gospel of Jesus Christ with you?¨ ¨Great, see you tomorrow!¨

WOOHOO! However, Juan Manuel wasn´t home the next day... BUT we talked to his neighbor Gisela who was really excited about the Book of Mormón. She has had a rough life - choosing to have a baby at age 14 instead of giving it up for abortion. I told her she was very strong to do so. She thanked me and said, ¨I knew it was the right desicion to make.¨ I was impressed with her courage.

I have been impressed lately with people who are courageous and strong, even in the midst of Satan´s strong grasp. The recient converts are some of those. Enrique, a 18 year old boy who was baptized 2 weeks before we came, said, ¨I love the prophet Joseph Smith! I am fascinated with the First Vision!¨ He is so strong. Brenda, a girl who was baptized a little less than a year ago, just paid her tithing for the first time this last Sunday. It´s a HUGE step for a recent convert. She´s 22 and deciding whether to serve a mission.
I also think of Abby and Jack facing opposition in High School - it takes great courage to be a righteous member of the church. I commend you both for your courage and faithfulness. For everyone - Ben and Jackie -and your courage to move forward with your debt and grad school, confiaring en Cristo. Elizabeth - courage to go to Jerusalem. MOM - courage to face ALL of the stress and struggles with the move!!! Dad - all of the stress with work and moving, too!! Grandma and Grandad with their mission call. Cousin Nick in Japan - AUNT CHARLENE and ABBY and MOM who all courageously invited less actives to church (WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! I am SOOOO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) For all of you Saints of the Latter-days and all of your courage. Let´s press forward, having a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of HOPE and a love of God and of all men.

I am SOOO excited for General Conference in two weeks!!! I am trying to prepare myself and the members to be ready to receive the words of our latter-day prophets, seers, and reveladores. I LOVE THIS RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUSCHRIST!!!

¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante... a Sión!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Tingey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pringles Week 6

Familia, 3-14-11

First of all, no one said anything about looking for someone on Sunday. An investigador or a less active member. I was disheartened to notice that… I really truly pray that we all might help our brothers and sisters come unto Christ through attending church. It is the house of the Lord – and they will feel of the Spirit and want to change their lives. Will you all keep this commitment? Will you bring someone to church this month?

Everyone has been talking about Japan – what a sad catastrophe! However, I am so grateful for our modern-day prophets who have led and guided us what to do to prepare for these times. And I am grateful of the knowledge of the plan of salvación. My prayers are with Elder Nick Warren!

Send my love to Grandma and Grandad – they will have SO much fun in the MTC! I will be praying for them as they start as ¨Greenies¨ in the misión!

Dad – you have to take pictures of Singapore! I would LOVE to see what it´s like!

Grandma – thanks for sending a pic of our new kitchen in Park City! I´m so sad because I won´t see the PC house for a LONG time and I´d love to see how it turns out!

Hermana Alston was studying the other day and started laughing, ¨Hermana Tingey, I found your scripture!¨ D & C 84:80 or 116 That if you serve the Lord, ¨…the hair on your head won´t go unnoticed¨! With my bald spot problem, we got a kick out of that! J

Roberto Achigar is doing great! He paid his tithing on Sunday and Presidente de Rama talked to him to get him preparing to receive the Priesthood. Did I mention he owns a bar?! He doesn´t drink, but just loves chatting away with the old guys that go over and drink. We had a lesson the other day with him in his bar - ¡Oh, the crazy missionary life I have! J

We had the CRAZIEST weather the last few days… we had 2 days of the worst heat I´ve had my entire mission. Hot hot sun and humidity – my district líder said it was 99 degrees! Luckily a lot of people let us in and gave us water. Then suddenly the weather changed drastically and it sleeted and rained horrifically for two days straight. We changed into Winter clothes and kept going – with our umbrellas and gloves! We also got into a couple houses that day because of the cold. ¡Diligence!

We finally met our goal of over 15 new investigadores- we had 19!!!! Wooohooo! The people in Pringles are prepared for the góspel!

We have lots of great investigadores, but the biggest problem is that people will not keep their commitment about coming to church. We do everything – commit them to come on Saturday, call them on Saturday night/Sunday morning, sometimes even go and try to get them, but they just don´t come. We try to verify what happened, but they are just lame excuses. It hurts me so much – I want these people to be able to get baptized! What can we do to get people at church? What do you all think? Dad, Ben, Jackie, Mom, everyone?

I love serving the Lord – I love His góspel! It is only through our obedience to the Lord´s commandments and covenants and His grace and mercy that we might gain eternal life. I love that we can do it!!!

Prayer List

José Cogley – that he will come to church!

Pablo y Evangelina – that they will know the Book of Mormón is true- and come to church

Augustina – that she will get baptized

Iliad – that she will come to church

Ines – that she will know the Book of Mormón is true

Fabricio = that he will get baptized


Animo y adelante

La Hermana Tingey

Nuevo Fotos

Hermana Tingey con Coronel Pringles

Noche de Hogar con la familia Robilotte

The beautiful baptism of Roberto Achigar


Familia, 3/7/11
WOW – I still can hardly believe that we´re moving to LONDON! I am very grateful the Lord is taking care of my wonderful family and that everything is working out beautifully in London. The flat, school for the kids, the Ward, everything! Our Heavenly Father and Savior truly bless us. Maybe Montréal was just a little taste of the big adventure that´s about to come!

¡¡¡VI UN MILAGRO!!! (¡¡¡I SAW A MIRACLE!!!) I have seen a few miracles on my misión and this one adds to the goodness and grace of the Lord in my misión. ¡¡¡¡WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! I asked all of the members to bring an investigador or a less active member to church. The following week, EVERYONE completed the desafío. It was a miracle! One was a man named Roberto Achigar. He had investigated the church many years before and his son had gotten baptized years back, but had gone inactive. Bueno, we got a cita with him for Wednesday. We talked to him and asked him to get baptized this last weekend. He said he wasn´t sure. We knelt down and prayed together. He said he still wasn´t sure. I asked him to pray that night to ask Heavenly Father if he should get baptized that weekend. Thursday, we went over and said he felt good about it. So, we went over the baptismal interview and he passed. I asked him why he wanted to get baptized. He said his wife had passed away 8 years ago, and he felt like she wanted to be baptized (for the dead in the temple). He figured he should too m and help her do it. I kept praying , asking Heavenly Father if Roberto was ready to make this covenant. I felt the Spirit testifying to me to ask about D&C 20:37. I asked him if he felt he had repented of his sins and wanted to come unto Christ. He said yes. I felt the Spirit, and said, ¨Bueno, mañana puede tener su entrevista usted?¨ So, we called the ZL´s and they came and did an interview on Friday. We scurried around and got everything ready. Then Saturday, he was BAPTIZED! And Sunday, he was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Holy Ghost.

I have a greater testimony that faith always comes after the , ¨prueba de nuestra fe¨ (trial of our faith), like in Mar del Plata. I have felt so blessed here in Pringles and this miracle just adds to my joy. After a year in the misión, I feel like I was prepared to be the missionary I am today – and now it´s ¨game time.¨ I want to bring as many souls as I can unto Christ through baptism. I hope to help this rama (of 12-16 attendance) to grow and expand, so that we might have Zion here in Pringles. I want to bring new people into the fold and help lost sheep come back to the fold. I hope and pray that humbly I might lograr estas metas (obtain this goal).

We have to dejar our other investigadores because they aren´t progressing. I am going to hang onto to Cinthia and her children and Fabio and Deborah just a couple days more to see - because I felt something very special with them. But please pray that we can find new investigadores that will progress and get baptized!
I love my Lord and my Savior. I know that through his Atonement, Heavenly Father can bring to pass the inmortalidad y vida eterna del hombre. I am grateful for las ordenanzas y convenios that we make in the temple to have eternal families and to obtain eternal life. All of this was made possible through the Savior - and we have these blessings through the Restauración de la verdad.

¡ánimo y adelante... a bautizar! :)
Hermana Tingey