Monday, March 28, 2011


Querida Familia Mía,

¡Los quiero! ¡Realmente les extraño un montonaso, pero igual, yo aguanto y robro fielmente para mi Señor!

Daddy´s accomodating to London, Mom´s keeping busy with all the stress, Elizabeth´s a fire ball (that´s my girl!), Abby´s rocking it with Lacrosse (that´s my girl!), and Jack´s going wonderfullly! Ben and Jackie - ustedes son seguidores fieles del Señor - ¡se lo ayudará con todo!

Thanks for writing me - this week I really needed all of your letters. It seems like the Lord ALWAYS blesses us in the exact moment we need it the most. Muchísmas gracias for supporting me by praying, writing letters, and doing all you can to help the work of the Lord. ¡You all are CAPOS! :)

Hermana Alston and I ate tacos today (thanks for the package, Mom!!!) and gingerbread scones (thanks to La mamá de Hermana Alston) - I haven´t had those flavors in over a year! It was a joyous momento! AND I am learning how to cook! Hermana Alston is teaching me all kinds of yummy recipes, as well as teaching me how to cook with spices, what to do with meats, how to keep the flavor, etc. Argentines love cooking - and ALL of the Argentines smile and say that, ¨Finally because she´s learning how to cook, Hermana Tingey is ready to get married!¨ haha!

A few wonderful people I met and tried my best to help them feel the Spirit this week:

Vanesa y Alejandro - una familia Católica - they are wonderful! Their neighbors refered us to them - so we happily contacted the reference and were able to teach Vanesa of the Book of Mormón. They have no intention of changing religions, but if they being to read the Book of Mormón, I know that that will change!

Guillermo - a man who is divorced and comes to live with his parents in Pringles every other weekend. He read the Intro to the Book of Mormon! He promised that at some point, he will read the entire Book of Mormon! I really felt the Spirit as he described his busqueda de la verdad. Guillermo had a sad experience where he was about to have a scary operation, so we went to pray in the Catholic church to have some peace. A catholic cura came up and said to him, ¨How much time were you planning on praying?¨ (as in trying to say, we have to close up, can you leave?) So, Guillermo got up, left and never went back to the Catholic church. He doesn´t want to attend church, but he does want to find peace.

Juan Manuel - A crazy 20 year old who bought his own house. He lived a crazy life, but his girlfriend just had a baby. It changed his life and focus - and now he is trying to acercarse a Dios. He stopped ME in the calle and said, ¨I´m interested, can I learn about the gospel?¨ He has smoked illegal drugs and well... does not live a clean, virtuous life. But I truly felt like he wants to turn himself around. My Presidente de Rama told us Hermanas to be careful and to always have a member in the lesson. We are doing that - and if he doesn´t progress, we´re dropping him, but I truly hope and pray with all of my heart that he progresses and that he can be baptized for the remission of his sins. What a beautiful day that would be for him.

I am very happy and content to be here in Pringles. I love the members - I love animating them to continue to live the gospel and watch as they grow through church service, through helping with the obra misional, everything! I hope to have a great relationship with them after the mission... I really want to finish my mission here in Pringles! I hope that´s the Lord´s will for me!

I LOVE this gospel! I absolutely love the abundant amount of blessings and miracles that I have experienced here in Pringles. There are so many, that it´s hard for me to remember how HARD it was in La Falda or in Mar del Plata (But I am grateful for those areas - I learned SO much!). Heavenly Father has opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings on us here - lots of little ones. One day, I know that this rama will be a strong, thriving ward!

Please pray for:
Pablo y Evangelina - y Natalia - that they will go to church!
María Castillo y Celeste - that they will be baptized!
Tomás - that he will be baptized soon!
Vanesa y Alejandro - that they will read the Book of Mormon
Juan Manuel - he will repent and keep his commitments!
Guillermo - that he will feel the peace and come to church!
That Hermana Alston and I will find new investigadores that will progress towards baptism!

I know that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God who descended below us all to lift us up, so that we might have eternal life with our Father in Heaven and our precious familias. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet! I KNOW that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet and Presidente of the church. And we are blessed with 15 prophets, seers, and reveladores on the earth who will be speaking to ALL of us this weekend!!!! I am SOOOO excited! Like Dad, I´ve been looking forward to this for while. I will be going with many questions, so that the Spirit might help me learn and grow.

I LOVE all of you SOOO much!!! Please know that I am trying to make all of you proud as a representative of our Savior. I hope He is proud of me too.

¡Ánimo y adelante! ¡ABRAZOS!

Hermana Tingey

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