Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Querida Familia, 4/18/11

It´s so great to hear from everyone!!! I´m grateful the Lord protected all of you in Nebraska - I don´t think that state likes us very much. (remember the red Jimmy? May he rest in peace... :-D)
¡Felicidades a Ben y Jackie por graduarse! ¡Qué éxito!
Elizabeth - girl, I CAN NOT believe you´re already heading off to Jerusalem. ¿Will you still be able to keep in touch with me por allá?
Abby - Girl, you are SOO brave! I laughed out loud when you said that you think of me every time you get a yellow card.... the truth is, I am VERY proud of you! Every yellow card, every goal, every good positioning with defense, etc. I can´t wait to play a bit with you!!!
Jack - Excited for London?! Are you thinking about picking up Cricket o Rowing?
Sounds like Grandma and Grandad are doing great! Way to help the missionary labor in Omaha!

Juan Manuel has not been home - it´s hard to see someone so golden go... but I have faith that he will feel the Spirit again and find the truth. Ines did not come to church; however, we had a VERY powerful Plan of Salvación lesson this week. Afterward she said, ¨That was a beautiful charla, Hermanas.¨ She felt the Spirit very strongly. If only she would keep her commitments!

We found a very perky, fun abuela named Alicia. She is all smiles, just LOVES us, and has been reading the Book of Mormón. We went over to her house yesterday to have a lesson. Come to find out, she had invited her grandson (who is single and religious) and two of his friends. ¨My grandson is wonderful... he doesn´t drink or smoke, AND he is very very sweet....¨ ¨Oh no...¨ I thought. However, I said a quick prayer and took the reigns. I asked the 3 boys if they were religious. They were very respectful and talked about their past with churches and whatnot.

Then I asked Alicia about her reading and she said she had just been asking her Grandson to help her to understand the Spirit World. ¨El mundo de los Espíritus....¨ I explained the Plan of Salvation... everything from eternal families to agency... then they asked me question after question and I was on fire - talking about the Restoration and everything.
In about an hour´s time, ended up teaching all of lesson 1, 2, and 3!!! They were drinking in everything - the Spirit was SO SO strong! It was one of those lessons where I felt like a real missionary- fulfilling my duty to proclaim the gospel with the sound of a trump.

I looked at my watch, realizing over an hour had passed and said, ¨We would like to finish answering your questions with a later visit, can we come back such and such day?¨ They promised to read 3 Nefi 11. I am hoping and praying that Nicolas, Cristian, y el otro Nicolas will feel the Spirit as they read the words of Christ in 3 Nefi. They will be future missionaries!

¡Please pray for my compañera! Hermana Alston has been having the hardest time - she is still struggling with a severe headache/migraine. It was been present for 3 weeks - not receding by the slightest. She is still working hard - very patient as I still drag her all over Pringles. I always ask if she wants to rest, but she just sticks it out. We are hoping and praying that the doctors can find a solution soon.

Here is my testimony with Easter coming up:
Les testifico que La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es el reino del Señor acá en la tierra hasta la Segunda Venida del Señor.
Yo sé que el Profeta Monson nos guia hoy en día - y sí lo seguimos, vamos a estar protegidos, guiados, y consoldados. Yo les testifico que el Señor vive - ÉL VIVE!!! Resucitó despues de padeciendo, sangrando de cada poro, y muriendo en la cruz, pero lo aguantó por el amor puro por su Padre y por nosotros. Espero que todos tengan este conocimiento. Sufro cuando no lo tengan - por eso, estoy serviendo a mi Salvador como misionera.

I miss you all, but I know that the Lord is protecting you while I am gone. He loves you! He loves me! And He loves all of the wonderful people here in Argentina.

¡¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante.... VAMOS PRINGLES!!!! :)

Hermana Tingey
(Los chicos de acá dicen, ¨ TINGEY TINGEY TINGEY!¨ hahaha)

P.S. When is Mother´s Day?! Because I get to call you on Mother´s Day!!! Who´s going to where? Dad in London, Ben and Jackie in Provo still? and Mom in PC? Just let me know what´s up - will I get to hear from Biffy or will she be gone?

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