Monday, January 24, 2011


¡Familia! 1/17/11

Gastón, Romina, y una sorpreza went to church. The sorpreza (surprise) is the girlfriend of a guy in the other stake. He came with his girlfriend, who is a non member, so she could get to know his religion. He slept during sacrament meeting... but she paid some attention. We´re going to have a charla on Wednesday, so I´ll let you know.

Traslados (transfers) are in 3 weeks and I´m freaking out!!! I´ve been in Mar del Plata for 4 transfers - and so for sure, I´m going somewhere. From what we´ve figured out, I could be going to Tres Aroyos or a new area Presidente is opening up to Hermanas. I´m really curious who will be my next companion. Presidente keeps teasing me about it, haha, but he also says that we need to think in meses (months) and NOT in traslados. SO, our metas are going to be all for the month of January and the month of February. Our goal is have at least 2, but we are trying to shoot for 3, bautismos in January. We are really excited! I really think we can lograrlo!

I have a GREAT experience about faith!

We went to have the entrevista for Romina for her bautismo. It was Saturday at 10 in the morning... she opened the door and chewed me out, ¨I didn´t sleep ALL night, I am exhausted! I don´t have to have a charla, I don´t want to meet your Élderes, please just LEAVE!¨ I wouldn´t budge, and patiently explained that the Élderes had traveled a long way to come for her entrevista. She was FURIOUS with me and basically kicked us out. I had NEVER seen her like that before! As we walked away, I felt peace... I wasn´t sure why. We went to tell the ELders. My líder de districto said, ¨We need to pray.¨ We prayed and he said, ¨I feel like we should go and still have the entrevista.¨ I disagreed - no, there´s no way she´ll let us in. Plus her brother attacked the last Élderes that went to their house (but with Hermanas he´s fine). But he said to me something about, ¨Hermana, are these your fears or is that what the Spirit is saying to you?¨ I stopped and thought and prayed. I prayed to know what God´s will was and not mine. We all prayed as a group again, and I saw in my head, ¨Hermana, now or never.¨ So, after the prayer I said, ¨Alright, let´s go!¨ We went to her house, and she opened the door with a huge SMILE on her face! Romina was gracious and loving . She had her entrevista without problems, but asked for some more time. She decided she´ll get baptized on the 29th of this month.

I was so grateful for my líder de districto. He taught me a very important lesson - to ignore my fears and listen to the Spirit.

I love this work! I love this gospel!

Hermana Tingey

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