Monday, February 14, 2011

Member Misioneros---Challenge

¡Buenos Tardes, familia mía!

I am SO excited for Grandma and Grandad and Laurel! It´s so wonderful to have a family missionary force on the front lines all over the world. And not just full times missionaries, but also member missionaries! :)

Laurel - CONGRATS, CUZ!!! Vas a empezar una adventura especial y importante - ¡la quiero! One of my REALLY great friends from the MTC is serving in your mission. Hermana Tew with red curly hair! There´s also another Hermana that´s SO sweet who was with me too - a crazy one... like me! :) I can´t remember her name, but just ask around about Hermana Tingey and hopefully you´ll find them!

Grandma and Grandad - I have been thinking about you two and your devotion to the Lord. Thank you for serving Him. I am grateful and honored to be named Alison Jane and to be your granddaughter.

hahaha.... I laughed so hard when I received emails from all of you because of the ¨ALI STRESS¨ and how normally I freak out a ton. Don´t worry Mom, I didn´t freak out TOO much this last week. I have been trying hard NOT to get stressed because I want my hair to grow back! :-D I was mostly just really tired... but I truly enjoyed Buenos Aires. We drove through the city and I got to see the largest highway in the world, the famous Luna Park where Presidente Kimball came and spoke way back when, and all sorts of monuments and famous government buildings.
The BEST part was meeting and talking to the AREA PRESIDENCY OF SOUTH AMÉRICA, SUR!!!! Presidente Arnold who spoke in Conference, Elder Aidukaitis, and the other one I can´t remember right now. They are truly men of God. They have the presence of General Authorities - you can see and feel the power of the Lord in them. President Arnold ¨bajared the caña¨ on us. He taught us that we need to PLAN better because most missionaries waste 50-60% of their time during the day just walking to and from citas or not working effectively. He said that we HAVE to work with the members and that we need to receive REFERENCES!!! He also said that we should be up early on Sunday´s, and out working to invite and find people to bring to church. There are two new rules in our Area,
1. You can not be at Sacrament Meeting if there are no investigadores
wow... a little harsh no? But look at rule number 2....
2. You can NOT miss Sacrament Meeting
¡Qué difícil, pero qué inspirado!

I know these men receive revelation for our area of the world. I know that Presidente Detlefsen receives revelation for our mission - I love and support these great men. FAMILY AND MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH:
*****When was the last time you gave a reference to the missionaries in your area? And then went with them to the lesson?
******When was the last time you got up early on a Sunday morning to help get some less actives or investigators to church on Sunday?
Please, let us repent and be better member missionaries.
I see the vision that these inspired men of God see - and that our Prophet sees today. There is a reason that in the Ensign Elder Eyring talked about the JOY of sharing the gospel and helping people come unto Christ. It is not just in Argentina that the prophet wants us to stand up and be missionaries. We all need to invite our friends and neighbors to come unto Christ and receive the salvation through ordinances and covenants, like baptism. I love this work - I hope and pray fervently all of you do too. I want to know how your references to the missionaries go.*******

Leaving Buenos Aires, I sat next to two Élderes that really helped me get fired up: Elder Ubben and Elder Taggart. E. Ubben was one of Ben´s students in the MTC, a convert and incredible Élder and E. Taggart, a great missionary who grew up in Park City!!! He knows the Brother´s, the Quinn´s, the Vincent´s, the Archibald´s, etc. EVERYONE! Mom, tell everyone that Sam Taggart says Hi. Well, they have had SO much success on the mission. E. Ubben taught me how to be more bold and E. Taggart showed me the importance of taking our calling to baptize seriously.

President Wilt, the PResidente de Rama told us that it´s been 13 years since they have had Hermanas. But He recevied revelation that Pringles needed a change... at about the time, Presidente Detlefsen received the same revelation. They got together, and well, here I am. I feel VERY privleged to be here. It feels like home to me - the Argentina that I know and love. The people are wonderful and kind. There are many gauchos, or the Argentine cowboys, that live here. There are paved roads, but the majority are DIRT ROADS!!! WOOHOOO - I LOVE CAMPO (the countryside)!!!! Everyone says HI when I address them - very different than Mar del Plata. People have asked us who we are and what the heck we are doing here. We laugh and then have had some wonderful opportunities sharing the gospel. Hermana Alston and I were on fire - we had 9 new investigadores in 2 days - that´s a record for my mission. (OH! Hermana Alston is a nuevita from Idaho - this is her 2 transfer! She can´t speak at all... but she has heart and love and boy, she´s been a good sport having me drag her along in the campo!)
On Sunday, we got up and got dressed and were OUT the door doing what the area authorities asked us to do- get people to church!!! We contacted and looked for our investigadores... but no one was coming... we ran to church, trying to get there on time. I was praying and praying... as we walked in, there was one of our new investigadores and his siblings (who are members). Then later a couple walked in that we taught... then another hobbled in (pobre, he hurt his knee). FOUR new investigadores at church!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Miracles miracles miracles... our Zone Leaders called and said that the previous Elderes in Pringles barely had 0 investigadosr in the church on a regular basis...occasionally 1. I was grateful for the congratulations, but it´s not because I am an exceptional Hermana misionera. It´s because the Lord has wonderful plans for Pringles; It´s because I´ve finally caught the vision of the Brethren for our misión and for MY misión here - I have SO much ánimo y fire - I want to bring EVERYONE unto Christ! I feel like I´m finally becoming the Sister Missionary I want to be.

I LOVE this gospel! I LOVE serving my Lord and Savior.
¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante en la obra del Señor!!!

Hermana Tingey

p.s. I want to hear about your stories!!!! (see ***********)

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