Tuesday, July 5, 2011

46 People at Church!



We were SOOO excited! I remember when we first got here - 16-17 people at church.... then 19 and we were excited! Then over the months we´ve been growing - 33, 30, 29... then 46!!!!

There are 5 active families now: Familia Wilt, Snidero, Molina, Jimenez, and Moreno (who are just barely coming back). As long as they keep coming and we have more familias menos activas and some of the other semi-active members come regularly, we can amplify the branch here!

Our vision is to have ¨Pringles Ward¨ by the end of 2012.
As soon as our inspired Presidente told us all to have a vision of our misión (ours is to have a temple announced in our mision by 2015), stake, zone, district and area, we have been having so many miracles!!! Having visiones and goals is so important! Presidente says that Lehi was a visionary man and was blessed for it. We too, must be visionary missionaries and we will be abundantly blessed.

As a mission, we are also preparing to have Presidente Arnold (of the Seventy) visit us next week. I am very nervous and excited - I have been praying and studying and anazlying my efforts in order to be prepared to recieve exactly the council I need as a missionary. I want to give my Lord, my Pringles, my companion, my Presidente, etc. EVERYTHING I am, so that I might leave the mission knowing that I served with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

I am in awe with the blessings we have recieved lately - I seriously can´t even FEEL anymore - it´s like I´m living in a dream. We had 15 new investigadores this week - a few were families!!! The family Mato went to church on Sunday!! They are evanglicals - I think they were expecting more shouting and praising the Lord through guitars and interpretacion of tongues, but in the end I think they liked the peace they felt. They have 5 adorable children - and are married!!! Then on Sunday we talked to a girl who´s married and another couple are are married. WOW!!! I never knew there were so many married people here in Pringles! I know the Law of Chastity is to bless our lives. I am so grateful to know that a marriage is not just until death, but when done through priesthood authority, a sealing is for eternity. Now, my goal is to help these people to the temple!

We have met many people who have had loved ones pass away - the plan of salvación is such a beautiful plan! I cry thinking that people don´t really know what happens to there loved ones. A little boy of 4 years passed away this week in Pringles and we´re teaching the boy´s uncle. His eyes were red and puffy as we spoke to him of this wonderful plan. Noelia, una investigadora, is widowed. She balled - and we did our best to help her feel the Spirit and the love Heavenly Father has for her.

I am trying my best to find people to baptize - I still have the fire and ánimo - Hermana Villegas and I are working SOOO vigorously to help all of Heavenly Father´s children. I want to serve everyone - I want to share the joyful news! CHRIST LIVES! HIS CHURCH IS ON THE EARTH! We have the power on earth to make covenants not only on earth, but also in the heavens. We can be baptized through Priesthood power and then continue and go to the temple and recieve more coventants and blessings. I love my Savior - I love His gospel.

Ánimo y adelante....a SERVIR Y BAUTIZAR!!!

Hermana Tingey

Thanks for being the best family ever!!!! HUGS!!!!

ánimo y adelante, Tingey family.... al Reino Celestial!!!

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