Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Spirit

Dearest family,


We fasted and prayed to find new investigadors this week. And we found 9 - 2 of which are familias incompletas. And these two children of God - Juan Moreno and Irma Gonzalez - want to get baptized!!!

We´ve been very blessed lately - we plan at night and verify our plans in the morning. Throughout the day we are trying to listen to the Spirit to know where to go and what to do. I used to think that the Spirit would testify to me in a loud or obvious manner. However, usually I just act - I just ¨do¨ and the Spirit guides me as a servant of the Lord. I knock/clap doors because I am looking for Heavenly Father´s children and exactly where we knocked was someone who needed spiritual help or guidance. Sometimes we visit less active members and just before they start to bicker with their husband or wife we knock the door or just when something tragic happened in their family las misioneras show up. It´s amazing how the Spirit works. As Elder Bednar says, we just need to be obedient and act - just be who we are (righteous children of God) and the Spirit will guide us. I know this to be true. Most of the miracles on my mission have been small miracles - tender mercies of the Lord. I am so grateful for every single one of them - because they all involve God´s children. I love these people with all of my heart!

Prayer List
Juan and Elena Moreno - that Juan will receive an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that our church is the only true church on the earth
Hermano y Irma Gonzalez - that they will get married SOON!
Mariela and Javier - that they will go to church
Familia Mato (Sandro, Susana and Mikaela) - that Sandro will stop smoking and he will love and respect his family
Romina Rojas - that her Father will let her go to church

¡Serviendo con todo mi corazon, alma, mente y fuerza...
ánimo, adelante... a bautizar!

Hermana Tingey

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