Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a week!

What a week for EVERYONE!!!!!

I am so grateful that everyone made it to London! Let the adventures begin! Thanks to Grandma Jane for the note - I think about and pray for Grandma and Grandad. Keep getting those referrals - there´re SO important in the work!!
Elizabeth sounds like she´s having the time of her life - I can NOT wait to go together! She´s right, Jerusalem will probably be the BEST family reunion EVER!

The other day I was on divisions with Hermana Alston (¡qué sorpreza, no!?) and she said, ¨Hermana Tingey only has about 7 weeks left...¨ My mouth dropped and it finally clicked - WOW, my mission has FLOWN by! I´ve been nervous and excited ever since. And trying my best to forget about leaving because more than anything, I want to finish strong. I want to sprint to the end!

I was in La Falda (again) on divisiones - and it was so wonderful to see the progress of that little branch! One lady and a family that I contacted are now baptized, active members. What a miracle! Hermana Alston´s doing great, still with headaches, but doing alright. Then I went with Hermana LaPray on divisiones in Pringles - she´s SO trunky! (haha) It was amazing to see our progress - from the MTC to now: we are experienced misioneras, speaking in Castellano, preaching the gospel, inviting everyone to come unto Christ and be baptized. It´s truly incredible!

This last week was a tough one - lots of hard times with Hermana Villegas, lots of ups and downs in the work - we have cleaned out our list of investigadores and are desperately looking for new ones to be baptized in June.

We had a wonderful/sad experience the other day. We taught a girl named Soledad who´s 12 years old. We felt the Spirit SO strongly in the lesson. I testified of her divine nature - that she´s a special daughter of our Heavenly Father. Hermana Villegas testified that she was supposed to be a light for her family. We went to pick her up for church on Sunday and no one came to the door... then that night we went back and her mom said that she doesn´t want us to come back and that she´ll take her daughter to her Evangelical Church. ¡Qué frustración! It was SO hard to let her go, but as I was silently praying, asking my Father in Heaven, ¨¿why not now, Father?¨ I felt the Spirit testify to me that we planted a special seed in this girl´s life. I won´t be able to witness this miracle, but I know she will get baptized someday.

I bore my testimony on Sunday about the temple. How I felt when I first entered the Celestial room - how I want everyone to be there with me someday. I miss the temple SO much! I am so excited to have the privlege to go back- to feel the spirit, remember the covenants and promises made, and to help my deceased brothers and sisters. We are working with some families in Pringles to get them prepared and ready to enter the temple and be sealed as a family. What a marvelous blessing it will be in these people´s lives!

I LOVE this gospel! I LOVE this work! Yes, it´s hard, but so was the Atonement. And because Christ suffered, died, and was resurrected, we can ALL recieve exaltation. What a blessing it is to be a member of HIS church - and to represent HIM and HIS church!!!!

¡¡¡¡Ánimo y adelante... al templo!!!

Hermana Tingey

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