Tuesday, July 5, 2011

33 People at Church!!!



It was SOOO great to hear your voices!

My mouth dropped when I heard Jack´s, ¨Hello!¨ I thought it was BEN!!!

Abby´s going to PROM!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I remember when I went to Prom from that Park City house... wow, what wonderful memories to share together! Abby - you HAVE to send a pic or two. I´ll be READY to see my GORGEOUS BABAH!!!

Dad, thanks for putting up with all the technical difficulties.. and all your thoughts on my behalf. I have truly felt a special connection with you as you've written me on my mission. Thanks for always keeping me in your prayers! I've felt them!

Mom – I love your energy! Keep hanging in there! (Remember, you´re the force, the ring, and superwoman for a reason! :) haha) Mom, you´re incredible! You are always so upbeat; you have so much patience and endurance. I´ve been telling Hermana Villegas all about you because her mom isn´t a member. I tell her about scripture mastery races, your yummy Texas Sheet Cake, and your loving example. I am SO grateful to have the most wonderful mother in the world! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

I did miss talking to Ben, Jackie, and Biffy. I hope Ben and Jackie are enjoying South Carolina. I remeber Ben saying he always wanted to talk his future wife to Charleston. So sweet that his wish became a reality.
I was thinking about stealing a call to Jersualem... then realized I´d be calling at like 1 in the morning your time! (Biffy!) hahaha but that´s alright, as Mom reminded me, ¨It´s alright, you´ll be talking to them in a few weeks!!!¨ I was a bit surprised and luckily didn´t get TOO trunky... but it was close.

WE HAD 3 INVESTIGADORES, 3 NON MEMBERS, and 33 PEOPLE AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!! Una familia menos activa, a few other menos activos, and a smiling Presidente de Rama. I was SOOO EXCITED! Presidente Wilt laughed at me and said, ¨Are you going to write that down in your journal?!¨ ARE YOU KIDDING?! OF COURSE!!! It was a record breaker for Pringles! I felt so blessed! We are literally building Zion here in Pringles - brick by brick, lesson by lesson, we are edifying and building up the kingdom of God. The greatest blessing is that we are not working alone - the members are now helping out more and we´ve been promised to have angels accompany us. The field is white, already to harvest!

Before I forget,

Prayer List (with the goal for baptism)
Silvina (28th of May) - that she will know the Book of Mormon is true! and that Joseph Smith was a profet of God!
Evelyn (21th of May) - That she will go to church and help her mom re-activate
Karina (28th of May) and the Familia Molina- That Hermana y Hermano Molina will stop smoking, that Hermano Molina will be able to baptize his daughter and that Karina will be ready for her baptism.

Carolina y Jonathan - That they will come to church!
Joana (28th of May) - that she will stop drinking and come to church!
Mikaela - that she will know the BOM is true and the Jose Smith is a profeta of God
Miriam - that she won´t be afraid and that she will know the BOM is true and the Jose Smith is a profeta of God

The first three on the list are the ones who went to church - we showed Silvina (25 yrs. old-ish) the baptismal font and President Wilt told her that she would be ¨reborn¨ as she is baptized and confirmed. Silvina pointed to me and said, ¨Yeah, she taught me that.¨ I just smiled - I have helped someone understand the importance of baptism. It´s amazing to be part of this great work!!
Evenlyn is 10- she went to church BY HERSELF!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Her mom came a couple weeks ago, but Evenlyn came by herself! She loved Primary and is excited to get baptized - I really hope this will help reactivate her mom Marcela.
Karina - and her family came! Hermano Molina shaved his beard (WOW!) and they all came in skirts and ties - I was SO impressed and excited! It´s been over 2 years since they´ve come to church!

Hermana Villegas is de Kopiapo (spelling?), Northern Chile. She and her younger brother are the only members of her family. She prayers almost every night to be worthy, so when she goes home, her mom can enjoy the blessings of the gospel. She is SOOO fun! I´ll try to get a camera soon and send a foto!

I LOVE THIS WORK!!!! thanks for your love!!!

Hermana Tingey

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