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Querida Familia,

¡¡¡WOOOOHOOOOO!!! The Heavens are rejoicing because a lost sheep was brought back into the fold!

I remember thinking before the mission that baptisms were important and the first promise we make with God. However, it hasn´t been until the mission where I´ve really come to understand the eternal significance of this first covenant we make with God. Baptism is the DOOR to get into the Celestial kingdom! Without it, people can NOT enter into the presence of God! ¡Un milagro!

¡Cuán grandioso es nuestro deber como Santos de los Últimos Días, al predicar el evangelio a las almas perdidas y redimir los muertos en el mundo de los Espíritus! Les exhorto – ¡Compartan el evangelio!

Evelyn was SO happy! She cried as the Presidenta de la Primaria spoke about baptism. She was trembling, pobrecita; Brother Snidero who was going to baptize her was also trembling, pobrecito – this was his first baptism! Notwithstanding, they both preformed beautifully! And they both BEAMED as they left the pila bautismal, soaked.

Evelyn told her friend Carina (who will be getting baptized this week!), ¨I felt the Spirit enter my body after I left the water.¨ And Hermana Snidero told me that her husband talked about the baptism all night – he was SO grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Lord´s kingdom!

The baptism was a HUGE success! We had 30 people – the same attendance for a sacrament meeting! We had 4 investigadoras and a few futuros investigadores! I mouth kept dropping open as people kept filing in. Hermana Villegas kept laughing at me and saying, ¨All you have to do is believe and look what the Lord can do!¨ I am so grateful that the Lord sent her to me and to Pringles. We are seeing so much success.

I say silent prayers every couple minutes just thanking Heavenly Father over and over. What a huge joy to be able to witness so many miracles! (Like Dad, these silent prayers often consist of the family as well). (Mom, I will keep praying for you throughout the day!).

We had a Zone Conference this week. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. I prayed beforehand that I might be guided by the Spirit and I said a few things that really surprised me – I have learned SO much about the love of our Heavenly Father!

I said, ¨I always knew God loves us, but it wasn’t until the mission when I´ve truly had the heavenly glimpse of the love of our Heavenly Father. He and His Beloved Son love all of us – the drug addicts I have taught; the smokers, people who are committing adultery I have taught, etc. ALL of us! He loves all of us infinitely! And He wants us to come to Him and repent and be baptized for the remission of our sins.¨

I love these people SO much! Every day I pray for my family and for my Argentine family – these wonderful, beautiful people! They are all children of God who need the gospel in their lives!!! I wish you all could meet them.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Crist´s church. We are literally Saints because we sanctify ourselves every Sunday at church when we partake of the Santa Cena and renew our sacred covenants with Heavenly Father and the Lord. The Atonement purifies and sanctifies us. I am eternally grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His love for me and for all of us. I know HE LIVES and directs this church! I know that Joseph Smith restored Christ´s church and that today, those keys of the priesthood are held by a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormón is the word of God – this book of scripture is key to conversion! I LOVE being a part of this great work! The worth of EVERY soul is great in the sight of God!

Prayer List

Silvina and Carina – that they get baptized this week!

Yamila, Yoana – that they will keep progressing and dejar de fumar

Flia Rubio, Flia Kessler, Flia Morales, etc.

Evelyn y Elena – that they will stay strong in the church

That we can find a future Priesthood holder to teach and baptize!

Ánimo y adelante… ¨Bautizamos porque amamos al Señor y a nuestros Hermanos!¨

Hermana Tingey

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