Friday, October 29, 2010


¡Hola familia! ¿Como anda?

Wow, QUE BENDICION! I had my most successful Sunday as a missionary......

So, my most successful Sunday as a missionary.... we had EIGHT
investigadores in the iglesia - EIGHT PEOPLE!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! We also
had 3 conversos recientes (well, technically 4 but he´s in another
ward!). ¡¡¡QUE EMOCION!!! We feel SO blessed, SO happy! I felt the
love of our Heavenly Father for each of these special hijos and hijas
of Him.

We had: Monica, Marta, Beti y su esposo Hector, Elba, and three
members of incomplete familias in the ward! The esposo of Manuela, y
las madres of two girls in the Primary. The biggest surprise was
Beti´s husband. Beti is this WONDERFUL Catholic woman that was an
antiguo investigadora - we found her in the area book. She let us in
and we´ve had WONDERFUL chats - she´s asked us about ALL kinds of
doctrines. She went to the RElief Society activity where they showed
the broadcast of the Relief Socity Mtg for GC and she LOVED IT! She
asked me all about templos and the importance of families - we even
taught her baptisms for the dead. So, she CAME on Sunday and so did
her HUSBAND! He hasn´t listened to us at all, but he came with her. He
asked me if he could borrow my Gospel Principos book and I said YES! I
wish he would start with the Book of Mormon, but the Gospel Principles
is SO inspired! They would be SUCH a great addition to the ward, to
the fold of the Lord. They are such good people and Beti, especially,
has a very good, open heart. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!!! Beti y Hector -
especially that they will have a testimony of the Book of Mormon!

Also on the pray list: Nelly, Ashylen, Monica, Alicia, Marta, Eduardo
- that they will all read and pray about the Book of Mormon. That they
will know it is true!!!

And also Osvaldo, the esposo de Manuela, and Liliana Suarez, la mama
de Mikaela. They are very duro people who don´t want to accept he
gospel, and their family members are suffering because they WANT them
to feel of the peace the gospel brings.

Conversos Recientes - Nahuel, Oscar, and Romina! They are sooo great,
but are going through SOOO many trials! After the baptism, it only
gets harder beacuse Satan does NOT want them to progress and get to
the temple. But thank goodness the Lord watches out for his sheep and
wants to bring them HOME.

I don´t have time to share my wonderful experiences I had this week
finding Ashylen justo when she needed it, crying as I read the 3 Nefi
11 account to Nelly and testifying with my whole heart and soul about
the Book of Mormon, conversing with the Lideres de Zona who helped me
remember my purpose as a misionera, seeing the light in Beti´s eyes as
we explained the Book of Mormon - where it came from, why it´s
important - and seeing her get excited to learn about the gospel.
Every day is an adventure. Some days are a LOT harder than others,
some days I see more bendiciones than other days, but I am blessed
everyday here. I am SOOO grateful for every experience I have. I am
trying my best to be a good, faithful, humble, and useful instrument
in the Lord´s hands. I make mistakes everyday, but like Ben told me to
do, I am trying to be a little better and better in every aspect -
read my scriptures a little more purpose, pray a little more intently,
love my investigadores a little more and more each day. That´s what
the Lord asks of us.

I asked myself, ¨Why THIS week did we get blessed?¨ I still have NO
IDEA - why not another week that I fasted and prayed my heart out? Why
not when we hoped that certain ones would show up on Sunday? I just
think it´s all in the Lord´s hands. All I can do, is what it says in
Doctrine and Coventants 123 - just do all things cheerfully and then
don´t worry and watch the God work His salvation unto the children of

I LOVE this gospel more than I can explain in an email. I am ETERNALLY
grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I have had so far as a
missionary. I only hope I can do better and better and bring more and
more people unto Christ, my Savior and King.

Love you!!!!! Animo y adelante!

Hermana Tingey

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