Friday, October 29, 2010

Dogs (again! haha), Authority, and Service 8/18/10

TRASLADOS - this Sunday I will either have a new companion in La Falda or I will be leaving for another part of Argentina - I´m EXCITED!!!!

So I have another dog story, a story about power as a missionary, and another service opportunity. So here it goes:

You´re NOT going to believe but I had a BETTER DOG STORY!!! (Or worse...depend on how you look at it...:-D) So we clapped a door (instead of knocking we clap - it´s customary in Argentina), but this time we knocked too and we half-yelled to our investigador whose an abuela and can´t hear. She didn´t answer!! We knew she was inside, but she just couldn´t hear us. So, the majority of the houses here in Argentina have gates, passage ways, and then the house because there are so many robbers and problems, so I tried the door to the fence area to see if it was open. IT was, so I opened the door slightly and clapped inside the fence/passageway so that our investigador could hear the clap... THAT was a mistake!!! Her dog charged at me and... ATTACKED ME!!!! IT bit my skirt and tried to bite my leg but I got away. There happened to be a bunch of other dogs in the street around her house and they all perked up and starting barking ferociously at us. My comp grabbed and said, ¨Don´t run! They´ll all follow us!¨ But I couldn´t help it, I almost had a heart attack when the dog charged at me!!! But we got away and as we starting walking safely on another street we started laughing and laughing and laughing. WHAT crazy experiences we´ve had with dogs lately!!!!!

Ramona - We contacted Ramona one day and she said her mother was a member and that ALL of the missionaries had come to her house. We went to her house this last week and as we sat down to chat, we could tell she was very lonely and basically, she´s preparing herself to pass on to the Spirit World. She´s 82 and lonely. As we talked to her we felt impressed to talk about baptism, so my companion and I testified and testified - it was incredible. It was the first time since Cristian that I asked someone to get baptized. I felt the power and authority as a missionary of the true church of Jesus Christ as I asked her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized with the true authority of God on the earth. I felt so much power- it was truly a sacred and special moment for me.
Ramona has so many doubts and so many things holding her back. When we went back to visit her, she said to us, ¨You missionaries just come over to have more numbers, you just want to count another baptism...¨ it was like a knife to my heart, I said to her, ¨Ramona, I don´t have one single baptism in my missionary yet. Not ONE single baptism, but I want to teach you because I feel Heavenly Father´s love for you and your soul is precious to him; and to me. I know that your mother is waititng for you in the Spirit World and she wants you to be baptized as well...¨ I testified this to her with all of my love - she didn´t say anything else after that about baptism. I hope and pray she will feel of Heavenly Father´s love for her!

We went to a center for boys who have mental and physical disabilities to serve. It was INCREDIBLE! I fed a boy named Guido guiso for lunch and then I walked around with Guillermo for about an hour. Guillermo is blind and has mental disabilities. He didn´t say anything, but held tight to my hand as we walked around the center. I talked about my family and about the Book of Mormon. He listened intently. Especially when I talked about the love of our Savior - I knew Guillermo was listening and understanding what I was saying. I thought about Jacob and my friend Cedric that I helped in High School the whole time I was there. We are so blessed to have Jacob in our family, and to have these boys and Jacob and Cedric as examples to us. They are SO precious! I love them SO much! I felt the Spirit of the Lord with them.

I love you all SOOO much!! I am studying and learning a great deal about the Apostacy right now. I have such a strong testimony that Jesus Christ established his church with Revelation, Authority (Priesthood), Organizacion, and Ordinances that were lost when the Apostles passed away. But thanks to a loving Heavenly Father, all of these things were restored!!! The church is PERFECT! We have a prophet who holds all of the keys we need to have the ordinances of salvation! I am so grateful for this knowlege and for this gospel!


Hermana Tingey

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