Friday, October 29, 2010

Follow the Prophet! 10/8/10

WOW, GENERAL CONFERENCE was AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely LOVED IT!!! First of all, when President Monson said that they´ll be building a temple in Indiana I gasped (quite loudly) and started to tear up! Ohh, the joy of the gospel! How hard the missionaries and members have worked to have a temple there! Our fellow Hoosiers will be so blessed with this temple! Also, as many people mentioned the temple in Kyiv, Ukraine I felt so grateful for the experiences I had in that beautiful country! The people in Ukraine are so prepared to receive the blessings of this temple!

Each talk meant SOOO much to me! Hermana Olsen and I have read over and over our notes, pondering on the many doctrines taught. We decided one of the major themes (if you all didn´t get it) was FOLLOW THE PROPHET! ¡Siga el Profeta! Everyone talked about the importance of following the prophet, or mentioned how dear and wonderful our prophet is, etc. I´m also reading in Helaman in the Book of Mormon when Nefi chastizes His people very very boldly and tells them that if they don´t repent like the Prophets have said, that they will be perish. Then he asks the Lord to send a famine on the land and the Lord does. The people are humbled, but then go back to their old ways, always. It is right before Samuel el Lamanita will come to preach repentance unto the people. The times are the same - we must OBEY the prophet´s voice - follow his council and guidance. If we are obedient we will be blessed, if we reject Him, we will suffer, like in the BOM. President Monson is literally the mouthpiece for the Lord on the earth. I am grateful for parents who taught me to listen to the Prophet´s voice and to follow what he says. I honor our Prophet and as I made my baptismal covenant, promised to follow his word. As we know, his word is scripture! Hna Olsen and I think that there are going to be some hard times in the next few years. BUT, if we follow the prophet, we will NEVER be lead astray! (one of the 14 points!)

So, with our investigadores...

We´ve had a roller coaster with Neli - she basically broke my heart on Thursday when she said she doesn´t feel anything when she reads the Book of Mormon and then prays about it. She said she will not change because she is afraid to change all of her friends, her circles of acquaintances, her traditions, her Saints, etc. HOWEVER, she went to Conference on Saturday!!! Hermana Olsen and I KNOW that she knows it is true. She just has fears. Any ideas on how to help her get over her fears?

We had a MIRACLE the other day! We had 4 new investigadores in ONE day!!! We met a crazy lady who said she has talked to a servant of Satan and that she has not felt peace since. But, she is looking and searching for peace. Hermana Olsen and I testified of the love of our Savior for her and that we can find peace though Him and His Atonement! Praying with her was a very special experience. We also had some antiguos investigadores that we passed by and got into their house and shared with them the First Vision. Marta is SO great! She is very interested, but just so busy that it´s hard to have more lessons with her.

We also had another miracle. A MEMBER did her missionary work and brought a FRIEND to General Conference!!! WOOHOOO! Now THAT´S THE WORK OF THE LORD! Because as we know from Preach My Gospel chapter 13, the consejo de barrio and the leaders of the ward are in charge of FINDING people for the missionaries to teach! I CanNOT even IMAGINE if that actually happened - if the ward leaders and members brought all their references and friends to the missionaries and all the missionaries had to do was teach teach teach all day. Now THAT is Zion! :) Anyways, after that very important tangent that I´m very very passionate about, an Hermana in the church brought her friend and we are going to have a lesson with her and her friend tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!

Mom and Dad - I want to thank you for EVERYTHING! As Elder Holland, Elder Gong, Elder et.c etc. etc. talked about their parents and anchestors in this conference, I just felt so grateful for my Heavenly Father and He gave me the perfect parents for me. I have been so blessed to have had your examples and teachings all of these years. I took sooo many notes about how to better myself and how to be a good Mother in the future, but I am grateful for the examples that you both have already given me for both of those.

Abby and Jack - I´ve been thinking about you too a lot, too. Keep on fighting! I know High School and middle school is HARD and moving is even HARDER! I know that friends and dating and school and activities... everything is hectic and hard. BUT, I also know that the best things in High School for me were 1. Personal Prayer and Scripture Study 2. Hanging out with the family a LOT 3. SEMINARY! 4. SERVICE!!! Such as looking out for people who don´t have friends and befriending them (and I wish I had helped Mom and Dad out more with chores and things) 5. Developing and trying to find what I love - I didn´t do this THAT well, but I did try Lacrosse and FELL IN LOVE! I also did Student Council and LOVED IT! Just find things YOU love! Also, I did not have very many friends my senior year. Only Nicole Flake for a bit... a few others... and by the end, I started hanging out with Dall Pal, Geoff, and Andrew. I don´t know if you remember that, Abbs. My Senior year was tough for me, as was my Junior year just after moving. But you know, I am sooo grateful for the time I had with the family during those difficult times! And I´m grateful for Mom´s patience and love with me. And you´ll find GREAT AWESOME friends - maybe not now, or tomorrow, but like Elizabeth she found them at BYU. And me, I´ve finding more and more on the mission. Just be YOU, and Heavenly Father will provide some wonderful people!

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!! Know that I´m praying for you!!!!!! I KNOW this church is the true church of Christ. His prophet is Thomas S. Monson. WHAT BLESSINGS we have now on this earth!!!


Hermana Tingey

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