Friday, October 29, 2010

Love all of you 10/18/10

Wow, Jack is right = in November it will be my half way markª how
CRAZY is that? But I just try and think about the wonderful people I
have met and loved and served, rather than the amount of time ticking

I do not have a lot of time to write about my week, but I want to tell
you all about a charlita that I had with Oscar and Nahuel. Oscar is
our converso reciente and Nahuel has started coming back to church the
last few weeks with us. Oscar is a 76 year old man whose wife passed
away a long time ago. He is very sick and always tell us about going
to the doctor, but he has a lifetime of stories and knowledge to
share. Nahuel is a 22 year old punk kid who got baptized a year ago
and then went inactive. He hangs out at a kiosko smoking and drinking
mate = the traditional Argentine drink = all day, doing nothing with
his life. HOWEVER, Nahuel has been coming back to church with me and
the Hermana Olsen.

I had the idea to have Nahuel come with us as we taught Oscar.
Hna Olsen thought it was a great idea and so we invited him. He was
STOKED to come and helpª As we taught Oscar about the priesthood and
the importance of it, they both starting saying that it just meant
more responsabilities and less time to relax. Nahuel even said that he
had decided not to recieve it. I boldly testified of the importance
of the priesthood = the gift it is here on the earth, the importance
of the saving ordinances and the only way we can preform them is
through the priesthood. I testified that these responsabilities are
ways to help us come closer unto Christ and that my little brother has
and respects his priesthood and his responsabilities. As a family, we
have been richly blessed from the priesthood. The Spirit was strong as
I testified, so I looked at Oscar and said, Will you prepare to
receive the Priesthood? then I looked at Nahuel and said, Will YOU
prepare to recieve the Priesthood? They both said yes. I could tell
that Nahuel was touched by the Spirit.

I am so grateful to the Lord for this humbling experience. This is
when I loved being a missionary = when I can feel the Spirit working
through me and I can see the Spirit touch THEM, these precious
children of God.

Nahuelçs mom is not a member, and we went over to their house really
quickly to wish her a Happy Motherçs Day, because in Argenina it is
different, and she was very touched when I said that my family prays
for all of the people I am working with. That means her son. I could
tell that she was very very touched = that people all over the world
are praying for Nahuelçs future. Please, pray that Oscar and
espeically Nahuel will be able to prepare to receive the Priesthoodª
Nahuel is a great guy, he just doesnçt have a grasp on adulthood and
the purpose of life yet. But heçs a lost sheep thatçs making his way
back home again. My goal is to get him on a mission. I am praying for
these miracles in Mar Del Plataª

I hope you all can take my challenge from last week. PLEASE BE MEMEBER
MISSIONARIESªªª Invite a neighbor family over for family home evening.
Talk to your old friends, like Ben and Jackie. Talk to your co=workers
like Dad. Resuce the lost and fallen sheep. Which reminds me, Mom = I
have been thinking a lot about Christ Proctor = how is he doing?
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCHªªªªªª I pray for you always = I can not
wait to share more wonderful experiences togetherª Hermana Olsen
sends her love = itçs her birthday next week, so can you write her a
happy birthday in your next weeks emails to me and Içll send on the
message? she is a HARD WORKER and I LOVE being her compª
Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who helped restore the true church
of Christ on the Earth. With the Restoration of the Presithood, we
have the new and everlasting covenent that saves us as families = what
a blessingª I LOVE THIS GOSPELª


Hermana Tingey

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