Monday, November 22, 2010

My Hija!


YES, I am still in Mar del Plata! The climate can´t decide if it´s warm or still cold - and it finally caught up to me. I´m a little sick, RIGHT when I got my Hija!

Hermana Kylie Freeman from Arizona. She is WONDERFUL!!!!! I stayed with Hna. LaPray (my friend from the MTC) in Puerto until she came on Wednesday -and boy was I a crazy-excited entrenadora! She is 24, graduated from BYU-I in History, has been living and working with her family for about two years. She was toying with the idea of serving a mission when she received a father´s blessing that said, ¨You know what you have to do. You already have your answer.¨ Needless to say, her papers were in and in 6 weeks she was in the MTC!

She is amazing!!! Hermana Freeman is organized, prompt, very particular, very sweet, gentle and laid back - everything I am not, so we make a GREAT team!
She speaks sooo clearly! She cannot understand very much that people say, so I have been praying fervently for the gift of interpretation of tongues. I have been very, very blessed - the Lord has greatly strengthened me in this time of need. I understand everything!

I am still struggling with Spanish, though. I am speaking a TON better! :) But I need to be able to pronunciate better and use better grammar usage. Please keep that in your prayers, but pray more for Hermana Freeman for her need is greater than mine.

HUMILITY is the word of the week. WOW, I got SHAFTED over and over and over again. It was actually kind of funny - from the moment Hna. Freeman came, the taxi driver yelled at me that he didn´t want to live the Word of Wisdom, a member yelled at me and said that I can´t promise blessings because it all depends on the will of the Lord, and no one came to church last week. It was a bummer. However, amidst all of this, I have been laughing and laughing, but thinking, ¨What in the world happened here?¨ Life has its ups and downs- and it´s been certainly a ton of great stories for Hna. Freeman to have in her first area.

The prayer list has not changed...because not many are keeping their compromisos. This week we are looking forward to praying and perhaps fasting, to see who we need to focus on. To see who are the escogidos of the Lord. Needless to say, I am very happy with the work right now. It is hard, but I am very energetic, especially with my newbie. She is always PUMPED to work and serve the Lord. I have been jumping up and down too - it´s just a wonderful feeling to always remember WHY we are here. That we are servants of the Lord working diligently to help bring about His work and His glory -because it is the same as the Father´s -the immortality and eternal life of man.

My goal is to serve my companion and a los demas more this week. Make sure you all check up and verify if I did it or not!


Love you all SOOO much! Ánimo y adelante - como siempre!

La Hermana Tingey

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