Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I contacted a Nun! :)


You all got pictures!!! Yeah, Hermana Olsen is a CAPA! I didn´t know she sent pictures to her family. I got a copy of her fotos, so I will try to make copies for you guys too and send it. Oscar is SO wonderful! Yeahhh for that wonderful day! And I LOVE my missionary plaque (tag) - Hermana Tingey. It´s part of me now - just like how Argentina is.

Mar del Plata is not exactly what you would call ¨warm¨ or ¨summer.¨ It´s been getting warm-ER, but it´s still very very windy and at night, like at 7, it´s FREEZING! haha We are right on the tip, where Argentina juts out in the Atlantic, so we get lots of storms and cruddy weather, but it´s still beautiful to me. Maybe because it´s the first time I´ve lived 20 minutes away from a beach!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELIZABETH AND BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were walking from Centro and I just said hola! She´s from Germany but has been living here for about 40 years. I talked about my life as a missionary, my family, Christ´s love, and JOSEPH SMITH!!!!!! She had said, ¨Sometimes we wonder why there are so many churches...¨ So I told her about Joseph Smith because I know it to be true. She got upset and said that any church that´s a separation from ¨God´s church¨ is not correct, but we left on good terms. I hope she remembers what I said. She´s a wonderful woman and I walked away smiling - wow, I did not fear. I just bore witness of the truthfulness that I know! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

We had Zone Conference last week. I got to see all of my old Zone leaders who are now assistants to the Presidente, I got to see and chat with Hermana Detlesen, and I had an interview with Presidente!

Presidente is amazing! He is truly inspired - and always speaks with the Spirit. I asked him a lot of questions about my area and a few investigadores, really taking advantage of the time with him. He asked if I felt ready to train. ¨You´re not so young anymore, huh?¨ ¨No, Presidente. I realize that.¨ I told him I felt prepared, but a little nervous and I knew that I would be learning a GREAT deal! I´ve been studying leadership in the manual misional and making goals about what we want to do this transfer. I was studying about stewardship - that´s a concept I want to look into more. We are going to be judged for what we have stewardship over and as a trainer, now, I have a huge responsibility.

I absolutely LOVE the scripures! I LOVE our living prophets! I LOVE the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Evangelio de Jesucristo! I am hoping and praying the family ROBERTO will get baptized on the 27th of November - but probably a future date because they didn´t come to church this week.

HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!! ¡Ánimo y adelante!

Hermana Tingey

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