Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I dreamed a dream...

Gabriella - I had a very special experience. Sometimes I have a deja-vu experience where I know I´ve seen/been in that situation before. usually I´ve seen it in a dream. It´s not as cool as Joseph of Egypt or anything, but this experience was a sacred, special experience for me.This happened in Ukraine, at BYU, etc. It doesn´t happen very often and I am usually not sure why it happens. But what I got from it in Ukraine was that I was where I was supposed to be. SO, with Gabriella. Hna del Canto and I were tracting and we walked down a dirt path and started talkikng to the only woman there. We were behind a school, there was a big tree to the left...everything was surreal, I knew I had seen it before in a dream. We talked to her and I started testifying of family and the Plan of Salvation. She started crying and saying something about knowing where her mother is. I felt the Spirit so strongly - I am sure I was supposed to talk to her. she wasn´t sure about having us come over because of her husband, but we got her phone number. I hope and pray Gabriella will read the folleto and that she´ll accept us to teach her. I know that I was supposed to be there at that time for her. I am so grateful to the Lord for this experience and for his guidance in our plans.

Cristian - FOUND AN APARTMENT! He moved out of his girlfriend´s house! WOOHOOOOO!!!!! But... he´s having doubts about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, etc. Oh Satanas is cruel! I, however, learned something very important as I taught him about the Urim and Thumim (thank you Mom for teaching me everything in seminary!), seer stones, etc. I never doubted the translation of the Book of Mormon. I never truly thought, ¨Did Joseph really use the Urim and Thumim, did he see the sword of Laban, is all of this possible?¨ I never doubted because I knew and I know the Book of Mormon, the teachings from the profets of the Americas about Jesus Christ, are true. And because of that, everything feel into place. But with Cristian´s questions and doubts, and with others I have encountered, I have learned more and it has strengthened my testimony. With their doubts, I am able to testify with even more assurance and with boldness - because my testimony is being strengthened. Yes, Joseph Smith used the Urim and Thumim and the power of God to translate the plates. I hope Cristian begins to see what I see - not with my eyes, but with my heart.

Hermana Alberzua del Canto - My first week with my nueva companiera... it was surprisingly good. She´s SO funny! Not funny with jokes, but funny with personality. She´s dramatic, squeals a lot, says, ¨Que horror!¨ has perfect nails, hair, teeth, etc. She´s perfectly organized. Hna Alberzua´s a riot! She is very powerful teacher - I am learning SO much from her teaching style. Very well thought out and it makes perfect sense. If someone has a doubt, she is the perfect teacher to fix it by explaining very thoroughly. Her Spanish is perfect, which is very helpful for me. We have gotten in a few tussles because she does missionary work very very differently than I do, but I am learning patience and learning that her way is great sometimes. And actually she´s becoming one of my really good friends.

Conferencia - We had Conferencia de Zona today and it was SO great!!! I LOVE the Elders in my Zone. They are so great. And I have a great district right now. I LOVE President and la Hermana Detlefsen. Pres. Detlefsen is the perfect President for me. He teaches with so much love and power - he jokes around ALL the time, but his testimony is so powerful. I love his view on the scriptures - he thinks about how Nefi or Alma would have said it and that´s the way he reads it outloud. In our interview, he taught me a lot about planting seeds. I asked him, ¨President, what do you want me to do this transfer?¨ (but of course I asked him in Spanish, haha) He said (in Spanish), ¨I want you to LEARN.¨ Bueno, I have decided I am going to stop trying to take charge and start learning more.

Italia Family - Oh, we have a family that wants to learn information about BYU and the housing market for young married couples. They are Argentine, the Dad (who´s like 24) served in Arizona, and wants to raise his 5 week old baby girl Giovanna in the USA. They need information about BYU housing. Ben or Mom, could you find some things out for them? They don´t know internet, nor much time or oney to go to an internet cafe for very long. Anyway, that would be great if you oculd do that service.

This work is incredible! I am pumped after our conferene - I am going to continue to build my faith and hope in the work of the Lord. I will be successful because it´s not ME, it´s the Spirit and the Lord´s special work! As His instrument, I have to believe that with His help I can do all things!!!

Animo y adelante! Hugs and Handshakes!

La Hermana Tingey

Prayer Roll -
Cristian - BAPTISMAL DATE! (he needs one)
Romina - baptismal date! she needs one too
Nahir -
Ariel y Eva, Ariel y famila, Eohenia, Lucas - that they will keep their commitments!
Natalia y familia buenisima - to have us over!
Maira y Marta y familia - continue to want to learn
La Familia Herrera - that they will want to keep coming to church (they are menos activos and I LOVE THEM! I am definitely here for them!)

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