Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chilena y Americana duo

FAMILIA! Muchas gracias por todos los emails! I love hearing from all of you! I try to write you all back a little message, but please don´t be too angry if I don´t get to all of you. I think about you OFTEN and pray for you daily. Sometimes we talk to a thirteen year old boy and I say, ¨I have a brother your age!¨ Or I think, ¨I wonder if Dad or Ben or Jackie did this... on their mission?¨ Or ¨Abby and Elizabeth would LOVE her earrings!¨ And of course, ¨Wow, I miss Mom´s Sunday dinners!¨ Know that not one of you are forgotten!

Bueno. I GOT A NEW COMPANION!!!!! Her name is Carla Estefenia Albersua Del Canto from Santiago, Chile. I am not going to lie, at first I was a little upset because she lived with Hna Kjar and I last transfer with a Mini-Missionary. We didn´t get a long great - she LOVED Hna Kjar, but ignored me a LOT. Haha She is VERY different than I am - more of the girly girl, high maintenance, extremely organized type. But like always, the Lord has already shown me what a great team we will make. We have many differences and sometimes I want to scream when she wants to stay in the house and organize all morning instead of do missionary work, but at the same time the house is spotless after hours of labor, and now it´s easier to study and to plan at night. So, everyone has different ways of working, and I am learning a new technique from her. I have already decided to make her my best friend - and so far, we´ve been doing great together. Plus she´s a nativa, so I will finally practice my Spanish 24-7!

NEWS!!!!! We have TWO BARRIOS (wards) - Villa Mitre 2 y Harding Green (pronounced with a Castellano accento! haha) - it´s going to be INSANE!!! techinically it´s 4 areas put into one - LOTS of work to do and LOTS of traveling. It´s hard because it slows the progress in BOTH areas, but this is kinda a trial that the President is doing with us and with Hermanas. I hope and pray we can do a good job with it.
CRISTHIAN HAS A TESTIMONY OF JOSEPH SMITH AND EL LIBRO DE MORMON!!!!!!!!!! It was really sweet because I remember when we first taught him like 5 weeks ago. I bore a strong testimony of Joseph Smith- I can still remember testifying to him and looking into his eyes - they were lost and unbelieving. But now, he knows because he felt a heat in his chest and he just knows. I started crying- oh the JOY this gospel brings! We made a baptismal fecha, but we have to wait because he has to find somewhere else to live because right now he lives with his girlfriend. He´s a little skeptical about this church being the ONLY true church still. We explained that once you now the BOM is true, the rest comes with it. Cristhian needs PRAYERS! I want him to come into the fold SOOO BADLY!!!!

NADIE (nobody) came to the Capilla on Sunday. Hna Kjar and I were devastated. We had gone to look for 4 people and none showed up.... then, in the middle of sacrament meeting the Familia Herrera came!!! The less active family that we´ve been working with that introduced us to the other family and everything. I was SOOO HAPPY!!! Their 2 little girls need the gospel so badly.

Sad news - Ana y Betti y Alberto have died. MIssion terms - they have asked not to have us over. Ana´s mom is furious, so she asked us to wait a couple weeks to visit her, but I´m a little worried. And Betti y Alberto found an Evangelico Church. It broke my heart, but RIGHT after that happened, we met Leonardo in the calle. He´s from Peru and he said, ¨Hey, you´re mormons, right? I want to be one!¨ Well, the capilla is right up there and all we need are a couple priesthood holders and YOU´RE GOOD! haha BUT, he´s in a different area and his parents won´t let him until he´s older.

I was working in Harding Green for the first time and we went to go visit a less active family... come to find out, the mother is the cousin of the Herrera family that came to church with us on Sunday!!!!!! Soledad is the mother and she is a member, her husband is not, and they have two children - a daughter who has 9 years old and a son, Owen (good ol Americano nombre) who´s 1. Soledad is a less active member who got pregant when she was young - 16 ish - and the ward disowned her. Her husband isn´t a member (yet!) and Nahir, her daughter, wants to be baptized! She reads all kinds of books from the church - True to the Faith, scripture study guides, the BOM, etc. She attends church with her grandma everyweek. SO, trying to be a bold missionary, I asked, ¨Well, should we put a meta (goal) for your baptism?¨The parents said sure, so we made one in June because they´re kinda supersticious or something and want to do it around the day of the cobra (??) or something. SO, we have A FECHA! And Nahir is RE BUENA! Ella es una capa!

Esta iglesia es verdadera! I know this church is the only church with the authority of God to open the doors of Heaven through baptism and other covenants we make with God. I know there are many good people who love Jesus Christ and there are many people who are content with their spirituality, but I KNOW that they can be blessed SO much more with the knowledge we have - the priesthood, el Libro de Mormon, the covenios en el templo, etc. I want to shout on the mountaintops (if there were mountain tops haha) that this is the unica GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!
I love you all SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Hermana Tingey

Prayer List
Cristhian - that he will be able to find a cheap apartment and move forward with his baptism
Romina - that she will know she needs to get baptized
Ariel y su familia - that they will know the BOM is true
ALL of the family Herrera - that they will continue to come to church
Villa Mitre 2 - that this ward will grow in unity and love
Harding Green - that they will have a desire to help us with missionary work
Hna. Alberzua del Canto - she will have patience with me and also have the will to work hard

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