Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My MTC Family/District

Ok, so I always laugh with my companions about what we write in our family emails. They all talk about the funny things that happen and I always focus on the spiritual. So, I decided to write a little about how my district sometimes starts laughing in the middle of singing hymns or during prayer- and sometimes I am the cause of the laughter because I don't always pronounce the Spanish hymns correctly or an Elder's voice cracks or we get off tune or something- it's hilarious! Our district is honestly like family! Oh, guess what? I have a calling- I am the newly called Sister Coordinator of my zone! So, we have the Branch President, then Zone Leaders and a Sister Coordinator, and then district leaders. I was called on Sunday and I felt a huge responsibility on the shoulders. I have already felt a deep love and appreciation for all the Sisters in the Zone. They are courageous women, Sister Scriptorians, and women of God. And many are as crazy as I am! :) We have a lot of health problems right now with the Sisters. I have a sister with kidney stones, one with pneumonia (in my room!), and three with colds. I keep begging the other sisters to stay healthy! haha But I love them with all of my heart. I am so grateful for this calling because I was just starting to feel like I was thinking about myself too much again. Missionary work is all about service, and now I have been so much happier focusing on others. We're getting three new sisters this week, so I will be their "Madre" or "Hija Mayor"- I am so pumped! Ok, so we finally had an apostle come! Quentin L. Cook came on last Tuesday's devotional and talked about the Holy Spirit and how the field is white because of the economic conditions and situations of many. He said this is an exciting time to be a missionary. One of my teachers, Hermano Dallon, talked to us about changing the way missionaries share a message in a members house. He said how many people have had missionaries over and how many spiritual thoughts do you actually remember? and how many people actually referred people to the missionaries? He said he does not think this very effective on a large scale. Hermano Dallon encouraged us to go to members houses and do one of the activities in Preach My Gospel (Predicad Mi Evangelio) and then ask them to make a non-member friend. Just make a genuine non-member friend and DON'T talk about the gospel! He said to just wait until they ask a question or bring up the fact that you're Mormon. It might take 1 week, 8 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc. but he said that does not matter. And the ENTIRE time he was talking about this new idea, I thought about the FOX (or spelled Foxx?) family in Park City! Mom, I'd like to challenge you to call them and just say hi! Tell them you miss them; tell them Ali says Hi! But just be their friend! Then when you move back to UT eventually (when are you thinking about doing that by the way???), invite them over for dinner sometime! Don't even mention the gospel unless they bring it up! And eventually I know they'll want to learn more and more - they will feel your genuine love for them and your love for the Savior. I don't think it was coincidence that I thought about them. They are WONDERFUL and I miss playing LaX with Bailey! So, Mom and Dad, will you please do that? I know you're busy, but the phone call will only take 10 minutes max. Ok, so I was reading in Alma the other day and for the second time in my play, I received a direct answer from reading the scriptures. I've always relied and had a testimony of the power of prayer and I always felt the Spirit as I read, but the answer was in the TEXT of the Book of Mormon. I was wondering why there's so much poverty, genocide, and sadness, and I was reading in Alma 14 where Alma and Amulek are watching Amulek's family and people and records be burned. In the verses after, it talks about agency of men, the judgment and justice, and that those people will be taken up in glory. I received the answer and I was so excited! Then in a meeting later that day, we talked about questions of the soul (preguntas del alma) and someone brought up this one! I raised my hand and shared this whole experience. It was a wonderful experience for me because I have been praying mightily to have a stronger, more fervent testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon, so when I committ my investigators to read, I will do it with power and be able to testify of the many blessings we get from reading the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for tender mercies of the Lord, like this one. Uncle Scooter and Chase saw/met Victoria, eh? :) haha Mom, you're incredible! All of the experiences you share with me are amazing- and you are such a great example to me of doing missionary work as a wife, mother, and friend. How's Dad? Is he home yet from Austrailia? Oh, and on Sunday we had Sister Camille Olsen come to speak (she's a professor at BYU). She was INCREDIBLE! I want my testimony to be as strong as hers! And she mentioned a scripture in Jarom 1:11 where the people were so righteous and they acted like Christ had already come to earth (for the first time). She mentioned what it would be like if we lived as if Jesus Christ had already come again. Wow, that would change the way I would act, for sure! Thanks for Aunt Sharryl for her letter, and the Jarvis girls, and so many others! I'm excited that the wedding plans are on full throttle! Exciting! While I did sealings today I thought about the wonderful blessings of this ordinance. Wow. I am grateful to have been born in the covenant and I am excited to one day be sealed to my future husband for all eternity. What amazing blessings we receive when we keep the commandments, keep our covenants, and endure to the end happily! I LOVE being able to share this message with people! I LOVE this work! I love love love love love you!!!!!!!!! Hugs and Handshakes to all! Hermana Tingey

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