Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MTC Week 2

Wow, I have SOOO much to tell! First of all, I went in front of the ENTIRE MTC and read my mission letter from President Monson at the devotional on Sunday!!!!!!! It was SO AMAZING! So Brother Stephen B. Allen came to speak. He is head of the missionary department of the church and he is just like Nephi- all about obedience. It was WONDERFUL! And he asked, "Does anyone have their call with them?" I was directly in front of him on the front row and I said, "I have a copy of mine!" He called me up and I read it in front of EVERYONE! It was so fun and it was needed- I needed a reminder that I have been called by a prophet of God to do the Lord's work and to invite people unto Christ. Since then, I've had Elders and Senior Missionaries say, "Oh, YOU're Sister Tingey! Good luck in Argentina!" What a friendly, wonderful atmosphere! Ok, so previous to this situation, I was having a very very hard week. I was struggling with Spanish, so much so, that I honestly came home crying one night. But, ever since I've been having the greatest experiences. Elder Shawhan in my district wrote me a note that said, "Hermana Tingey, don't worry about your Spanish. You have such a strong Spirit when you teach - your mission language will be the Spirit, and the rest will come." That has had a huge impact on me. I have decided that I will not get discouraged, but that I will continually strive for the Spirit and let the Lord take care of the rest. Oh, and Ann M. Dibb spoke on Sunday. She is an incredible woman of God! She said that one of President Monson's favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart....and he shall direct thy paths." So, since I've been called by this Prophet of God, I decided to take that scripture as my own while I'm here at the MTC. As long as I trust in the Lord, everything will work out! Hermana Crosby and I taught in the TRC for the first time. We taught the first discussion in English and it went so well! I have had some experience, but I am learning more and more everyday. So much more, that I feel like I did not actually have that much experience at all! I have been learning about how to effective extend committments, how to help people read the scriptures and pray, how to ask good questions for investigators to think about soul searching questions. Oh, and I almost forgot to say that Jay E. Jensen came on Tuesday's devotional- wow, powerful testimony and talk about the Book of Mormon. I have made a personal goal to really, truly love and know more about el Libro de Mormon. I am reading it thoroughly, again, while I'm here at the MTC. THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH FOR THE's! Those make my day! I love having something to read almost every night. And especially this last week when I was getting really down and having so much trouble, I was able to turn to Lord, but also I was able to turn to the love from my wonderful family and friends! Thanks to Mom (for your faith and love- great job with Kathy!), Dad (I love you so much, Daddio! Thanks for your inspired words), Aunt Mary, Sister Holbein, BIFFY!, Jackie, Grandma, BENJI!, my friends Peyton and Shauna and Austen, and ANYONE else I missed! Thank you SOOO much! I love this gospel SOOO much! Yo testifico que Dios es nuestro padre eterno y nos ama. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor. Yo se que Jose Smith era el propheta del Restoracion. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios. Soy una representante de Jesucristo y la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias...I LOVE THIS WORK!!!! HERMANA TINGEY P.S. I am still playing volleyball during gym and I am getting better and better. I love going to the early morning workout classes- who knew I really liked Step Aerobics? :)

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