Tuesday, July 20, 2010

La Falda


I laughed so hard when you said that Ben was angry with the ladrones. Thankfully nothing of mine was stolen, but boy, now I am extra cautious! And like Mom and Elizabeth said, Ukraine helped me SOOO much to be ready for this!

I CHANGED AREAS!!!!! The assistants and President want us to be safe and a lot of other things have happened around Villa Mitre II lately, so they moved us out in the middle of the transfer! We switched houses with the Elders... our clean house to a dirty dump! haha We cleaned it up, so now it´s a LOT better, but the shower only has hot water for 5 minutes! Gotta love the mish! :)

So, I traded my beautiful dirt streets and humble people to a richer area with haughty people! haha It was REALLY hard saying goodbye to all of my investigators but THANKFULLY we get to continue to teach Nahir until she gets baptized next week. We have to take a taxi from our area, to her house, and back again just to be safe. The assitantes and Zone Leaders have been SO helpful! One of the Assistantes said, ¨Why didn´t Hermana Tingey hurt the theives? She could take ém! ¨ Haha, apparantly I have a rep already here! (it´s just cause I´ve beaten the Elders at Ultimate a few times on P-days... :) haha)

Now we live en LA FALDA! A rich, more ¨normal ¨ area. There are actually cars here! A TON of them! And NOBODY wants anything to do with us! So many people let us in - I had NO idea how blessed I was in Villa Mitre and Harding Green! But we are in the ward of the familia Detlefsen - my mission President! We had lunch with El Presidente and La Hermana Detlefsen el otro dia. It is a blessing to be around them - especially La Hermana Detlefsen. She is a lot like Mom in that she taught seminary and she always smiles. She´s a lot more timid than mom though - but I feel her love for me and for this work. They have a daughter who is 17 (but acts more like 19) who reminds me of Biffy, and she´s going to be helping us with la obra misional! Woohooo!

Los Abuelos - we live in a house behind a house of ¨Los Abuelos¨ of the ward. They are HILARIOUS! They are these old, Chileno people who are SO funny and SO loving! La Abuela always makes sure we´re safe and that we´re happy. And El Abuelo and I get along great - he´s a mix of Grandpa Tingey and Grandad Hales. How blessed we are to have them!

My companion has been having a hard time lately. She won´t always talk to me about her feelings and thoughts - she gets bugged that I can´t understand everything. And she´s VERY stubborn (...reminds me of Biff! ;-) haha I love you Biffy!), but I continue to be patient and I try to learn to understand her. I have been learning patience and love more this transfer with everything that´s happened. And you know, in the end it´s all the will of the Lord. I am supposed to be learning a lot from her. I am supposed to be with her and supposed to be here. The rest of the time, we are amigas and laugh together a ton! Creo que es lo que hay! La mision!

So, we are in a new area and don´t have a lot of investigadores, pero si uds. puedan orar (can pray for): Nahir, Romina, Rocio (nuevos investigadores), Victor y Cristina (nuevos investigadores), La Hermana Abarzua del Canto, That we can FIND people to teach!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! And where are all the letters?!?! DearElder.com only works half of the time...

Animo y Adelante... en LA FALDA!!!!!
La Hermana Tingey

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